Character Details - Auriana

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Name: Auriana Tel'Quessir

Race: Unknown for certain

Age: Also unknown

Apparent Age: late 30's

Height: 5'7"

Build: Slender

Hair: Reddish blonde, but more to the red, long and straight, but almost always ornately styled

Eyes: black

Complexion: medium tone, slight olive tint

Clothing: Elaborate court gowns, corsets and heels

Personality: Auriana is mean, evil and generally not someone anyone really wants to be around.  She craves power, and will do anything to regain it

Occupation: Evil Bitch and former Queen of Ingraleis, General Cause of Trouble in Ingraleis

Skills and Abilities: Auriana is a sorceress, and a highly skilled one, in addition to being completely dark

Weapons: Magic

History: Auriana reigned over Ingraleis after murdering her husband (after he got their twin daughters to safety).  Her tyrranical reign is remembered with terror by most, but a few long for her return and the eviction of the "outsiders" who have corrupted the bloodlines of the Tel'Quessir family. 

Marital Status: Widowed

Children: Kaelan Tel'Quessir Celeblasse and Brianna Tel'Quessir Corinth

Blood or Soul Bonds: None

Notes:  Just when you think she's dead and gone, she comes back, ready to create havoc and try to reclaim her throne.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Miranda Richardson as Elspeth in Snow White