Character Details - Riel Raz Gilon Maier Aerta

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Name: Riel Raz Gilon Maier Aerta
Nick: Raz
Age: unknown (apparent age around 23)
Height: 6 feet
Build: Tone but not overly muscular
Hair: Pure white
Eyes: Pure white (no pupils), but changes with emotion
Skin: Pale

In short, he looks like an albino.

In a darker period of his life, he went more by his second name, Raz (which means secret in his father's tongue). Anyone at that point that called him 'Riel' was usually challanged. Many died.

Riel is a hybrid between an angelic race (called the Anaisi) and an elven race. The offspring of any mix of the Anaisi are called Schi, and they almost always look exactly like their father (the Anaisi) but with no pigment. They have many of the same 'supernatural' powers, but are usually weaker. The exception is the Anaisi-Elven mix, which makes the power more potent (something unknown until Riel and his rival named Mael Keiden). He has one twin brother (Galain, who later changed his name to Aaron), and one sister (Relainia).

Riel was raised to be a very peaceful being, even though his life was filled with turmoil since birth. He is very much in love with nature and beauty, though he was also raised to be a warrior and fight in his father's wars.

He carries various silver weapons, as well as a silver pendant that hangs around his neck, a momento from his father.
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