Character Details - Railen Rossëvirin

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Physical Description:
Name: Railen Rossevirin
Race: Tumnambar Elf/God
Apparent Age: 25
Height: 6'
Hair: Long; middle of his back. Blond streaked with brown. The front is shorter, stopping at about chin level, and is pure white.
Eyes: Emerald green, though one eye can sometimes be pure white from a scar (he tends to keep that hidden).
Complexion: Medium tone
Identifying Marks: Shimmery tattoo of a dagger on the palm of his hand; a symbol of his unique bond with his sworn blood brother, Galain. On the other hand is the mark of his sibling bond with Shadow Silverleaf. One scar on his chest above his heart, one long scar down his back, one scar over his stomach, and then the scar over his eye from before he became a god that shines through every now and then. He has several piercings along his ears.
Personal Items usually carried: A ruby hilted dagger given to him by his wife, Gwendolyne, when they were younger. An emerald and ruby dagger that was a gift when he became Galain's sworn blood brother (Galain carries a similar one). Several throwing daggers hidden in his vest. A hunting knife in his boot.

Personal Information:
Personality: Relatively easy going and good humoured, unless someone he cares for is in any way being threatened or is in danger. He's quieter than he used to be in his younger years, as well as a deeper thinker.
Skills and Abilities: His skills with daggers (throwing daggers included) are impressive. He can use portals, handfire, balefire, heal most injuries, as well as magic certain items from what seems to be thin air. His powers are lessened when he travels away from his home world (where he is a god), even the basic skills becoming weak the longer he stays away.
Weapons Used: Several varieties of daggers and knives.
Children:  Three sons - Raian, Aracale, Damion.

Background Information:
Railen was born and raised in the village of Tasaretil located on a larger continent of Tumnambar.  He was the first of thirteen children born on the land there.  His mother died giving birth to him, his father dying shortly after by giving his life force to save Railen.  This particular use of magic is what gave Railen his white hair. 

He was raised by a relative of his father, and for about the first three centuries of his life he thought that the woman was his mother and her son his brother.

Railen's always been on unstable ground.  Betrayal and a lot of bad luck has led him up and down very dark paths. 

His bondmate 'died' in battle when he was a very young elf.  He later discovered that she was alive, but before the end of it he learned that she wasn't the same woman he'd once loved.  Gwendolyne intended to kill him, though things ended up turning out very differently.  They went different ways after that, Railen going through another bondmate (Lussa) and a wife (Rani).  After the death of his wife and second son, Railen went into a dark brooding period and finally met up with Gwendolyne again.  They had a son (Damion) and sometime after conspired to overthrow the gods of their world.  They did manage to do so, but it wasn't exactly what anyone had expected... the thirteen children of his village claiming the positions of the thirteen gods, just as an old prophesy had predicted.

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