Character Details - Keiden

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Name: Mael Rishon-Chaim-Gersham (Keiden was a name given to him by his mother)
Nick: Demon-Boy
Age: unknown (apparent age around 26)
Height: Between 5' 9" (human form) and 6' 3" ('demon' form)
Build: Tone but not overly muscular
Hair: Dyed black, naturally white
Eyes: Pure black, but changes with emotion
Skin: Pale

Keiden is another Schi and rival to Riel (as their fathers were to each other). While Riel was created out of love, Keiden was said to be created out of greed and the desire for power. His father saw the power of an Anaisi/Elf crossbreed and decided he was going to try it for himself and then use his son to defeat his enemies.

His father (Nathanael) is the only parent he has ever known. His mother seems to have died at child birth or shortly after. He in some ways loathes what he is. He dyes his hair black to escape the paleness of his kind, which makes them stick out. Instead of actual feather wings, his are more bat-like in appearance. His eyes are also black, instead of the typical Anaisi and Schi white, though they do still have the ability to shift colour with his emotions. This rarely happens.

When he chooses to, he is seen as nothing more than human, but sometimes he allows his slightly pointed ears to show, the only true trait that he recieved from his mother. His more demonic appearance is more natural for him though and he cannot constantly keep up the human appearance indefinitely as discomfort and finally pain would force him into his natural state. In that form his fingertips are formed to sharp, talon-like points, vampirish fangs forming, along with slightly hardened facial features. All of this, along with his wings, makes him a very noticeable creature.

As far as markings go, Keiden has a symbol over his chest over his heart that resembles a tattoo... but is far deeper than that. It is the symbol of his father, a mark passed on after Nathanael's death... and a constant reminder of just how the Anaisi met his end. Another mark would be a scar at the base of the left side of his neck, yet another bad memory to add to an ever growing list.

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