Character Details - Atas Saad'ra

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Name: Atas Ris'kil Saad'ra (Ah-tis Ris-kill Sahd rah)
Race: Aerdonian Black - Pure blood
Rank: Second Captain of the Imperial Black Guard
Age: 18+ Millenia (Yeah... he's that old)
Human form
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 275 lbs or approximately 19 Stone
Eye Color: Flint/steel grey
Hair Color: Salt and Pepper... with more salt as the centuries go by
Dragon form
Length: 56 ft
Eye Color: Pale grey
Marital/bond status: Never had the time to bond.
Children: Tia Saad'ra, deceased bondmate of Daemonorel Ashev; one granddaughter - Tonikha Rose of the Orsha Une

General History:

Atas Saad'ra was one of the first after Daemonorel Asmoor (later called Ashev) to take the mark of Araxmarr and become one of the Black Guard. He has always been a military 'man' and outside his life in Nargus' army, and later Araxmarr's Black Guard, little is known about Atas. His daughter, Tia, was always suspected to be of mixed blood, but no one ever questioned Atas about the racial heritage of his daughter... and lived to tell about it.

Overall appearance:

Atas' face is pitted and scarred from various battles and brawls in his life. His body is a road map of scars and he bears no marks aside from the Blackthorn Crest on his right shoulder blade. He is usually found in comfortable black garments, tunic and trousers when 'off-duty', but tends to wear a black military uniform trimmed in crimson when 'working'.


Atas is the 'demolision man' of the Black Guard, his expertise being burning and exploding things, in any form. He is highly skilled with a katana-style sword, and generally fights left handed, with a dagger in his right.


"I'm too old for this shit." That is his basic attitude, and would gladly 'retire', threatens to on a regular basis, but feels responsible for the younger generation of Black Guard. He'll likely die before he gets to retire, which secretly, is fine with him. Its better than needing catheters, Depends and Viagra from Riker's, after all. He is grumbly, hates the Silver Captain, Darttur Inarban, in the best possible way, and tends to be in bed before 10:00 p.m. - Aerdon time. He prefers stout to ale, doesn't drink carbonated drinks, and elves make him belch when eaten rare or medium-rare. Don't ask about what Dwarves do to his digestive tract. One can get too much iron in their system, after all....

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Edward James Olmos as General Husker Adama, from Battle Star Galactica, 2003 - 2005