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Darci Muir - Goddess of the Sea

Name: Darci Muir
Hair: Flame red
Eyes: Emerald Green
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Darci is the Goddess of the Sea and wife to Galith Celeblasse and Matron of the Silverleaf(Celeblasse) family. At one time she was human Celt whose family was known for their ties with the sea. While sailing her parents were lost at sea and during that storm, the ship was thrown through a random gate that brought them to Arlsyn. Galith was the one that found her on the eastern shore. It is said that the tempers that Silverleaf women are known for is descended from Darci. Upon her death, Galith asked his parents to allow Darci to join him in Seldarine Taure Tal. As a result she became an Elven Goddess. With Galith she has two sons Anaron and Owain.


Name: Hesper Silverleaf
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Silvery blue
Avatar: Kristanna Loken

Hesper is the Goddess of Twilight and daughter of Selene Moonbow (the Goddess of Mysteries and the Moon) and Swift Silverleaf and the twin of Thorn. At a young age Hesper decided to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Sometimes she appears as a petite woman with dusky blue, which her hair matches, her eyes are a metallic silvery-blue. Tribal markings are tattooed around her right eye. She has a quiet nature about her, and can often be found around her mother's seeing pool. Hesper has one favoured "child" who is her Great Grand Niece, Astra Silverleaf.

Oetwil Sunspear

Name: Oetwil Sunspear
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Steel grey
Avatar: Jaime Pressly

Oetwil is the Goddess of Hardship and is the youngest member of the Sildanai. The younger sister of Arwen Morth and is the daughter of Wyborn Arato and Arrna Coia, Oetwil is fickle, can be childish in her actions and holds grudges. Her ire is swift and she doesn't take well to be stood up to. She is often called The Curse, and most would rather forget that she exists. Her dress is that of a warrior, being one of the two that is called upon during battles and wars.

One would do well to avoid Oetwil's attention, unlike the oldest set of living Silverleaf twins who know the full extent of her ire.


Name: Phandora
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Avatar: Kimberly Norris Guerrero

She was a seerer of great renown. Her path was set long before she was born and at the age of five she was given to the father of the Lord of the Sildanai, Avram, to train and to eventually be his bride.

Phandora gave her husband two children that are known of, one was Galith Celeblasse while the other was a daughter, Leitha. It is through Leitha that the Ravens have come to be. Instead of choosing to join the Pantheon, she chose to walk permantely among "mortals" and became a watcher.


Name: Raukolina Goldsong
Haire: Black
Eyes: Grey
Avatar: Aishwarya Rai

Goddess of Death and Destruction (Twin of Moricartel)
When Arlsyn was still young, Outlander gods came to take over the world, and seeing their children in pain, the Sildanai sent eight gods to do battle on the land. But the Sildanai were betrayed, and betrayed by their kind, this was Raukolina who gave her heart to Aegnor Umbar, an Outlander God of Chaos. Raukolina and Aegnor were banished to a tower far into the north of Arlsyn where no one treads. To do such a feat, the remaining seven gave up their powers turning them mortal. Raukolina is the Matron Mother of the Elven Goldsong family. As a result there is a streak of darkness with in them that they constantly fight against. Children: Bezar

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Lucy Lawless
Kristanna Loken
Lara Dutta
Liv Tyler
Jaime Pressly
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