Character Details - Darttur Inarban

Written by GalainCreated : 19-Apr-2005 6:52:41 pm
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Darttur Inarban

Race: Aerdonian Silver - Pure blood
Rank: A Second Captain of the Silver Guard
Age: 18+ Millennia
Human form
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 270 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Darkish, some silver streaks
Dragon form
Length: 50 ft
Eye Color: Mercury
Marital/bond status: Single and unbonded
Children: None

General History:

General Appearance: Darttur bears a great many scars from the battles he's been in although none are more outstanding than any other. His eyes often look dead however, unless he's properly provoked. Clothing-wise he favors the appearance of boots, leather pants and a loose linen shirt. He doesn't particularly care for formal dress and often dresses as casually as possible.

Personality: "Irascible" would be one word to describe Darttur. He is one of the older dragons, but doesn't feel old. He thoroughly resents those who find his age to be a source of laughter. Darttur is proud of his experience and history and would happily kick anyone's butt who questions his skills and knowledge. He does strive to stay out of trouble, but his temper and desire to get the last word in often put him in the middle of a fray despite his best intentions.

(Note for writer, must explore why he chose to side with Araxmarr during Laer. Also, what does he make of Blacks after having fought them for millennia and now being on the same side essentially)

Weaponry: Darttur favors daggers, and the more wicked the blade the better. He also favors a fairly heavy and long broadsword.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Tommy Lee Jones