Character Details - Zorion Kanone

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Zorion KanoneName: Zorion Kanone
Meaning: Happiness
Race: Aerdonian Silver Dragon, pure blood

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Silver 
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Length: Apprx. 48 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Apprx. 72 ft wingspan

Half-Elven Appearance:
Hair: Mid-brown, streaked with blond
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Medium, but strongly built

Markings: None

Piercings: Left earlobe, in which a plain gold ring is usually worn.

Personality: Apparently easy-going and charming, Zorion is nonethless hard to get to know on a deeper level. He keeps his thoughts, and his secrets, well concealed.


Other Information:

The youngest child of the first clutch, Zorion is the son of Zephram Kanone, head of one of the Houses of the Silver Nation, and his mate, Luada. The 'Black Sheep' of the family, he was disowned several centuries ago and his name is never mentioned by other members of the House. The precise nature of his 'crime' was concealed by the other Kanones and it is something that was a source of much speculation at first amongst the other Silver Houses, none of whom were able to find out the truth. His absence has now been so long, however, that his existence has been forgotten by many and the gossip has died for lack of fuel.

In addition to his natural ability to form blades and spikes from his own scale in two-legger form, Zorion is able to use lightning or ice as a breath weapons. He is also gifted by his goddess and god with the Blacks’ equivalent of the Flame. This gift manifests itself in two ways, either lightning or ice, depending on his intentions and is cast from the hand.

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