Character Details - Imadi M'Sea

Written by GhetsuhmCreated : 16-Apr-2005 12:02:45 am
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Name: Imadi M'Sea (M'Sea is her 'first' or given name, Imadi her family name.)

Race: Khazani

Age: 112 as at The Omega Conspiracy

Apparent Age: 50-60

Height: 6'2"

Build/Weight: Slender, about 65kg

Hair: Black streaked with grey, wavy, just past shoulder-length

Eyes: brown

Complexion: deep amber

Occupation: Surgeon. M'Sea is currently the doctor at Rikers.

Her normal demeanor is quite stern and authoritative. She is irascible and short-tempered sometimes, though she always means well. It's just that sometimes she has to do her job under almost impossible circumstances. She is compassionate and cares deeply for her patients and co-workers, she just never lets it show.

Normally her duties consist of administering the quarterly physicals for the staff at Riker's, and dealing with minor accidents and illnesses. She very seldom has to treat anything serious, and usually when something serious DOES happen, she's pushed out of the way.

M'Sea herself is only very slightly empathic, to about the same degree as a very sensitive human. She comes from a culture, however, where most people are at least mildly empathic, and some of her personality is shaped by those cultural norms.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Rena Owen