Character Details - Terra K'Tral

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Age: 405
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 150lbs
Life: Aer'Hon (1)
Race: Felinumeara
Clan: Tiger
Mate: None
Children: None
Fela ~ Mother ~ La'Tah
Felo ~ Uncle ~ Jusnar K'Tral

Aer'Tamdo ~ Alaric Donaver
Home World: CathEska

Appearance: Terra is tall for a woman reaching six foot even with long legs, flowing copper hair, and expressive blue eyes. Normally her hair is worn in a plait or braid down her back, but there are moments when she likes to just let it hang loose so that it frames her angular, almost elvin, features. Being a member of the tiger clan she does have a pelt that is soft and sleek like that of a seal or horse. She bares no physical scars or distinguishing marks that could be used to identify her. As with all those of her race she wears a long knife strapped to right thigh and it is her only visible weapon.

Personality: Being the daughter of the Shia of Wanderers has always been the reason Terra uses when trying to explain her need to explore to others. She has an almost insatiable curiosity when it comes to other races and cultures often asking tons of questions until the one she is asking is ready to throttle her. However, constant question asking is not the only thing that sets La'Tah's oldest child apart from others.

One of the most amazing things about this red headed tiger elf is that she is very open minded. Not only does she consider all aspects of what a person is relating to her, but is also has no trouble accepting and voicing her own views and feelings in such a way as to be inoffensive. As she is so open minded it is very rare that Terra will ever judge anyone for past or present events. Her views on life in general is that it is a learning process that no one can escape and as long as you learn from mistakes then they are not mistakes at all, but lessons learned that should be remembered.

As with all felinumeara Terra never lies nor does she ever entertain the thought of telling a falsehood. She has been known to omit facts from a story or explanation, although, her motivation for such a thing is more for the sake of someone’s feelings than any personal gain or preservation. In addition to this if you want a specific answer to something the best way to get it is to ask Terra point blank as she will always answer any direct question as completely as she can without hurting feelings or stepping on toes. She doesn't believe in beating around the bush or prolonging the inevitable.

There is also a wildness to Terra that differs from that of others of her race. She seems to have a life energy that is without limit always willing to try just about anything once as long as no harm either emotional of physical will come to another from her actions. This is partly due to the third weaving law of her people: Embrace each moment as if it were you last, it is also partly because in Terra's view to miss an opportunity, pass up a chance, or let life roll on by is unthinkable. It is due to this as well as her inability to stand seeing another person looking in least unhappy that brought her into the life of Alaric Donaver, although, she did not expect things to turn out as they have.

History: Until recently Terra spent most of her life in the central village of the felinumeara exploring the bits and pieces of CathEska close to home as time allowed. After giving the idea of helping the proprietor of The Lazy Lizard Inn great though and consideration Terra decided to do it. It was here that she met Alaric Donaver who appeared to be one of the most grumpy people she had ever seen. Wanting to bring a smile to the stony face of the blond elf by sharing her favorite spot with him Terra convinced the Elen to follow her into the fringe of jungle near the inn.

Upon reaching the glade with it’s clear pool and abundance of jungle flora Terra thought perhaps she would have to try something else to get the elf to smile as he had not seemed overly impressed with the place. After much teasing, trickery, and playfulness, thus pushing Alaric a bit too far to control his own emotions or actions, Terra found herself in the elf's arms being made love to, for the first time in her life, with such fierceness her wild spirit could only answer back in kind. It was during this bed play that the Aer'Tamdo bond was accidentally forged between the pair. After spending a whole day in Alaric's company talking to him, learning what she can of his people, finding out what she could of who he was, and totally enjoying several bouts of love making Terra discovered she was in love with the elf. Aware the feeling most likely would not be a returned Terra accepted this then moved forward expecting nothing but what Alaric gave freely while being curious to see where the future would take them.

After traveling together to see the black dragons and attending her cousin Kaylin's wedding Terra woke one day to find Alaric gone.  He'd left no note, but had just vanished while she was sleeping.  Hurt and confused she'd returned to the central village to cope with the absence of the elf that had come to mean so much to her.

Exactly a year later while bathing Terra met up with an interesting young man by the name of Valliant de Luz.  After a brief bit of conversation she took him back to the village where she was greated by Lorn Del'Nar and Toryn K'Tral.  They informed her and Valliant that he would not be quarantined because, it seemed, the Weaver wanted him in the village for some reason.  It was also explained to Valliant that Terra was responsible for teaching him the laws and making sure he did not break them as well as housing and feeding him. 

After getting the impression Valliant wasn't being completely honest Terra demanded Lorn and Toryn leave then learned that her guest was not only half humand/half elf, but also had abilities with the four elements calling himself and elemental elf.  Thus they went to see her cousin Jax with the thought he could help Valliant with his powers and prehaps make friends.

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