Character Details - Nameless Ghost

Written by FluteCreated : 31-Mar-2005 8:55:17 pm
Last Edited : 20-May-2005 1:55:04 am


Ghost form
Height : Approximate 7 foot
Weight : Approximate 300 pounds
Build : Muscular
Hair Colour : Dark brown, almost black
Eyes : Golden
Apparent Age : Unknown
Physical Marking :
Weapons : None
Dressing : Shirt and trousers.

Special Abilities
Able to walk through walls and vanish from view. Able to create cold winds to scare those useless humans.

A ghost so old that he has even forgotten his own name. Nameless wanders whereever there are large drafty rooms or if not, create drafts and puts out fires in the fireplace.

Recently, Nameless has decided to change his residence. He's looking for somewhere with lots of creatures to scare. An inn or something is lighting a fire into his dead heart.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

James Denton