Character Details - Kaelan Tel'Quessir Celeblasse

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Name: Kaelan Tel'Quessir Celeblasse

Age: 1001 (as of BloodMoon Rising)

Apparent Age: late 20's

Race: Ingraleisian Elf

Height: 5'7"

Build/Weight: slender but muscular

Hair: Golden blonde

Eyes: Green-blue

Complexion: fair

Identifying marks: Tel'Quessir mark on her shoulder, blue tear shaped diamond on her forehead, but mainly hidden under her skin

Clothing: Loose fitting pants and a cropped off tshirt

Personal Items always carried: wedding rings, jewelry given to her by her family

Personality: Kaelan has an incredibly strong sense of duty, and it took her a long time to put that aside to do what she needed, and what her family needed.

Occupation: Retired Princess, Co-Guardian of the Forests

Skills and Abilities: She is skilled in statescraft and in war, though she hung up her weapons many years ago.  Kaelan also has the same bond to the land as her twin and her daughters.

Weapons Used:  Generally swords, a twin pair of lightweight swords

History:  Elder of the Tel'Quessir twins, Kaelan shouldered most of the responsibilities after Auriana was deposed.  She only ever regretted that decision after she fell in love with Lhach Celeblasse.  The two became bondmates, and then proud parents of twin girls, Laire and Alasse, followed by Leuthil.  The two married a few years later, after Kaelan turned the kingdom over to her niece Helena, and the triplets, Luthalion, Meleth and Talathlyon were born.  After she finally retired from official life, she moved out of the Palace, to a tree cottage in the meadow where she and Lhach bonded years ago.  She still returns every so often, but she will never live in the palace again.

Marital Status: Married to Lhach Celeblasse

Children: Laire, Alasse, Leuthil, Luthalion, Meleth and Talathlyon

Blood/Soul Bonds: Soul bonded to Lhach Celeblasse

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Christina Applegate