Character Details - Amethyst Atalante

Written by FluteCreated : 31-Mar-2005 8:55:03 pm
Last Edited : 27-Sep-2005 10:53:07 pm


Will-o-wisp form
Height : Approximate 4 foot
Weight : Unknown
Build : Petite
Hair Colour : Deep red
Eyes : Golden
Apparent Age : Unknown
Physical Marking : Golden red marking of fire on both palms
Weapons : None
Dressing : Long, floaty dress. Barefooted

Special Abilities
Amethyst is a will-o-wisp. A mischievous being, she is able to change into a glowing ball of fire and be a guiding light to travellers either to safety or doom. The colour of Amy's fire depends on her moods but is usually a pale purple. Amy is able to use her lights to confuse enemies and is able to cast illusions like mirages of the recipent's deepest desire. Also, when feeling threatened, Amy is able to become invisible. Amy is able to mimic the behaviours of the people she meet, like a mirror image.

Note: Amethyst doesn't walk but floats whereever she wants to go.

Created by the devil, Amy is a will-o-wisp sent to collect mislead travellers and collect their lost souls. Amy has since run away from 'home'.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Milla Jovovich