Character Details - Ian Arcturus aka Piccolo

Written by FluteCreated : 31-Mar-2005 4:27:10 am
Last Edited : 4-Sep-2005 9:34:52 pm

Cat form
Name : Piccolo
Colour : Blue
Eyes : Blue
Note : Piccolo is a gift as a pet to Flute from Ghetsuhm. Flute has a strange ability to know what Piccolo is saying. Flute believes it ties with the same way she can communicate with trees. However, Piccolo believes otherwise.

Elven form
Height : Approximate 7 foot
Weight : Approximate 300 pounds
Build : Muscular
Hair Colour : Dark brown
Eyes : Green
Apparent Age : 30
Physical Marking :
Weapons : Broadsword
Dressing : Shirt and trousers with half boots

Special Abilities
Changes into cat form at will but during every full moon, Ian will change into his cat form whether he wants to or not.

Ian was cursed and changed into the cat form by his power hungry witch cousin whom he refused to marry. The curse was half-brokened by Si'lyen Alcarin when she kissed him.

To be continued...

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Hugh Jackman