Character Details - Keinan K'Tral

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Age: 394
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark Auburn (appears dark brown)
Clan: Tiger
Life: D'Tra (2)

Bonds: Fe'Lo with all his children as well as his own father X'Hart.

Keinan has spent his whole life in the Kelvarian living either in the central village or the tiger village never having the urge to look beyond the borders of his home. Upon completing his Ceremony Of Jumi Keinan was given the occupation of dyer. Perfectly content to spend his days in the dyer’s hut making the most extraordinary blankets, hut flaps, clothes, and wall hangings in his spare time, Keinan is seldom seen without a smile on his face.

Like all felinumeara Keinan was taught by the Shia’s from the age of 5 until Jumi at age 120. Other than how to dye fabric he was also taught self defense, mental discipline, tracking, hunting, forging, basic survival, basic medicine, basic metal smithing, lineage, and history. However, learning anything other than how to add color to the world around him never really interested Keinan making him a poor to average student.

As colors are his passion Keinan spends nearly all of his time in the dyers hut experimenting with colors, textures, and materials. It is due to this love of color that Keinan’s hut sticks out among all the other more uniform badra huts in the village. When he was new to his trade the young felinumeara conducted an experiment to see how well badra wood would take the dyes used for leather. In the end his pelt was splotched with numerous colors and the wood of his hut became permanently stained purple, green, orange, and blue. As a result of this moment in time the palms of Keinan’s hands are a muddy kind of brown from prolonged exposure to the dyes he was using.

Another oddity about this child of X’Hart’s is that he willingly and gladly wears clothes finding them to be just another way of expressing himself while surrounding himself with color at the same time. Most commonly he is seen wearing only a pair of multihued linen shorts that come just above the knee and sports a hole in the backside for his tail. However, he has also been known to wear vests, loose linen pants, pirate style shirts, and soft leather boots all in varying shades and hues depending upon his mood.

At first glance Keinan usually strikes others as a happy individual, but upon getting to know him better they discover that he is one of the most vibrant, unpredictable, warm, and cheery of people. Often Keinan’s bright personality is attributed to his love of colors. This is only partially true as Keinan has always been a very easy going, lovable person who views the world as one huge coloring book accepting each new page as it comes to him never trying to figure out how to alter it just how to improve what is already there. It is this view that allows the tiger male to see the positive side of everything and keeps him striving to improve not only himself but the world around him and doing it all with a smile. Though his personality doesn't lend much time for seriousness, Keinan does also have a serious side and when the occassion calls for it the tiger male will let it show.

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