Character Details - Kee'Aeryn K'Tral

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Physical Description:

Birth Name:Kee’Aeryn K’Tral

Nick Name:Kee

Race: ½ Felinumeara, ½ water nymph 


Apparent Age (if different):20 

Height: 5 foot 3

Build/Weight:Extremely petite, muscular, agile 

Hair: Copper

Eyes:  Lavender

Pelt:Burnished copper with very prominent onyx tiger stripes

Clothing:none unless with races that wear clothing and then she usually wears the native dress

Identifying Marks (if present): Kee has numerous small scars all over her body that no one can see due to her klutziness.  As of yet she has not managed to injure herself severely enough to leave a mark that can be seen.

Accent: slight lilting purr when her emotions are high

Personal Information:

Personality: She is a very personable female with a sunny disposition as well as the K'Tral sharp-tongued wit when the occasion calls for it. Kee also possesses a very strong curious streak that more often than not gets her into trouble. However, she is happy to live in each moment as it comes, also being somewhat impulsive, and let whatever problems arise work themselves out. If effort is required on her part, however, Kee will never hesitate to put as much work into whatever needs doing or solving as is needed to get back to enjoying life to the fullest.  

Occupation:Kee has no definite occupation as she can do many things, but is truly proficient at none of them.  The fact that she is a world class klutz also plays a part in her having no set occupation.  He unofficial designation, however, is as an information gatherer due to her natural curiosity.  

Skills and Abilities: self-defense, mental discipline, hunting, tracking, forging, basic survival, basic herb lore, heightened senses, high jumping ability (30 ft vertically, 40ft horizontally.), Night vision, and heat signature vision (infravision).

Kee also possesses a few traits and abilities that are unique to her as all other felinumeara do not have them. The most intriguing of these is a pair of gill slits just behind her ears at the hinge of her jaw that allow her to breath underwater. Early in her childhood Kee also learned that she could understand the animals of her jungle home. As she grew her curious nature prompted her to see if she could speak with them as well and to her surprise she discovered that could. The last of her talents Kee has until recently lain dormant so she is just learning about this talent.  It is the ability to merge her life essence with other living creatures or things.   However, this ability is very draining for her so it is something she can only do if there is a great need for it or she experiences an emotional/ sensory over load such as happens during climax.

Weapons Used:Tooth and claw.  No one gives her actual weapons she would inadvertently hurt herself with it.

Background Information:

Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Blood or Soul Bonds:

Felo- Father- Wyanth K’Tral

Fela - (Adopted) Mother – I’Ness K’Tral

Aer’Tamdo- Y’Roce D’Riel

Brief History:

Kee's history is short with only the meeting of Y'Roce D'Riel (when she was 134) when he accompanied her Aunt Rhiannon to CathEska for her cousin Kaylin's wedding claiming any significance.  The pair formed a strong lasting friendship once they realized that anything more between them was impossible due to Y'Roce being a prince and his need to ground to his home planet of Whispin. 

Currently Kee has met a sweet young Aarataurean elf by the name of Oran Aicasse who has taken her back to his home world of Elemmiire with him so that she may explore and record all that she learns there. As it would happen Kee has fallen for Oran and has become his lover. 

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:  

  • Kee is on her second life, D’Tra, as her first was lost falling from the canopy of the jungle while vine skimming.

  • Kee has a problem with stairs.  She cannot go up or down them without having some sort of accident.

  • Kee is also a vegetarian.  She views animals as friends and thus thinks it wrong to eat them.

  • Kee'Aeryn smells like fresh rain water and lavender.

  • It is unknown to Kee'Aeryn that her unique abilities with animals, breathing water, and merging her essence come from her birth mother who is not I’Ness K'Tral, but a water nymph by the name of Keiyana. No one outside of the Shia’s, Jusnar, Kee’s father Wyanth, and of course I'Ness know about Kee's true origins since it was decreed by The Great Weaver for reasons no one understands that Kee'Aeryn was not to be told of her true origins. To keep this secret the goddess created a bond between Kee and I'Ness that works in the same way a natural Fela bond would and declared I'Ness Kee’s mother.

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