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Name: Ian O'Byrne

True Name: Nivosus Sangueus Glacius

Race: Human (Caedian)

Age: 25 years

Physical Description: Standing 6 feet tall, Ian weighs 170 lbs and is built with a strong solid frame, yet he is lithe enough to be very agile. Ian has long black hair, which is light in weight and very soft. His skin is pale like icy snow, a characteristic of his father’s family. From his mother he gains high-sharp cheekbones and distinctively defined features. His eyes, often encased in shadows, are blood red, a trait gained from this father, but a characteristic inherent in the blood mage society. Ian wears a fancy long sleeved white shirt. The sleeves hide his scars, formed from his ritualistic self-mutilation. He wears black studded leather pants with a belt and black boots. He carries a knife and a katana on his belt.

Personality: Ian is an extreme introvert, thus he tends to be cynical of the world and self-loathing of himself. Ian is outwardly stoic and he tends to be mistaken for being cold hearted. In reality Ian is reserved and observant. He’ll watch a group and once he has warmed up to them he’ll open up more. He is an extreme introvert, tending toward smaller groups with very close friends, rather than many superficial friends. In his personal interactions if he doesn’t know someone very well he will not express many of his feelings, however, if he knows someone and believes them to be a friend he may come across very strong, sometimes too strong, but that is how he shows his care. Ian holds his emotions in, which leads to pent up emotional pressures which rage for release, at times seen in the form of ‘blood tantrums,’ a seizure involving his blood powers. His blood tantrums are also influenced by his bloodline, which holds many forbidden mysteries. The easiest way to sum up Ian’s personality is passive aggressive.

Powers: Ian has the power of the Caedians, who posses a unique form of blood magic, in itself a rare form of magic. The Caedians only use their own blood. They release their blood with a ceremonial knife, which unleashes the power of their blood. Their abilities and powers are very much hereditary, but skills in wielding their blood powers must be learned.

Their spells tend to be extremely offensive, characterized by explosiveness, mutilation, and devastation. Caedian blood magic spans many magical arts. A common blood mage can wield all elemental powers through means of his blood. They can also change their blood to become a poisonous cloud or into hard sharp objects. More powerful blood mages have the ability to transform. It is said that the most powerful blood mage, the emperor of Caedia has the power to destroy a whole country with a single spell, however that is only rumor.

Ian’s abilities are that of an average blood mage, but even an average blood mage is a force to cower before.

Abilities: Ian is adept in many styles of fighting.

Weapons: Katana

Background: Ian’s father, Tertius, fell in love with slave woman, Aiko, who was from a far and distant lands to the east of Caedia. With this woman Tertius had twins, a boy and a girl. Their names were Nivosus and Julia. He wanted to marry his love, but from the pressures of his family and society he was unable to. Tertius was forced by his family to marry a blood mage woman. Her name was Viviana, and she had a demonic wrath. She pressured Tertius to sell the slave Aiko. Tertius resisted, but Aiko insisted that things would be better if she was sold. Aiko took Julia, but left Nivosus with Teritus. Aiko requested that she be sold to Camillus, a powerful Caedian man. Teritus sold Aiko in remorse, but he didn’t realize that Camillus was the secret leader of a rebellious group called Liberalis Terra, which fought against the Caedians to free the enslaved.

Nivosus was thus raised under the wrath of Viviana, who hated him with all her passion. She physically and verbally abused Ian. His father would act as a front to her madness, but when he wasn’t always around she tore Nivosus apart. The marriage of Tertius and Viviana was a hellish one. He stayed because of the pressures from his family, society, and for his son. She stayed because of the immense wealth under Tertius’ name. They did have one child together. A rambunctious and rebellious son, who took more after his father in morals, but disregarded his father’s tendency for bowing down to family and societal pressures. This boy, Leo, was born, out of the necessity for the family to look normal. Nivosus was four at the time. They had no other children afterwards.

Tertius sent Nivosus to Blood Mage School. While he became adept as a blood mage, he would have lapses where he lost control. His teachers blamed this on impure blood. Graduating from the school, Nivosus declined to become an officer in the army, as most graduates do. Instead he abruptly left the Caedian society. He was nineteen. He left a note for his father saying that he felt he needed to find a place where he fit in, because he felt out of place in Caedia. His father was devastated and his younger brother hurt by Nivosus’ sudden leave.

Nivosus traveled through many lands and learned many different ways and customs. His initial travels took him west of Caedia where he adopted the name Ian O’Byrne. From then on he never gave out his Caedian name. Finding the west interesting, but unsatisfying he traveled east, where he knew his mother came from. The culture of the east seemed to be perfect of Ian. He absorbed the ways of the people quickly and learned many of their arts. From them he adopted a form of fighting different from his people’s, taking up the katana rather than the shorter gladius.

He never managed to find his mother, but he found love. Twenty, he married Rei, whose family took Ian in joyously. Together Ian and Rei had one child, a girl. Ian finally felt at peace. Four years past and Ian had no troubles with his tantrums, he had completely stopped his dark brooding ways. However, an old family ghost arose to haunt Ian.

The spirit of his great-grandfather, Lucius, who had gained demonic powers through hellish rites, awoke to summon the demon blood in his family line. His great-grandfather had made a deal with a demon god to gain ultimate power. Apart of that deal was crossing his bloodline with demon flesh. Ian’s tantrums are a result of his demon blood mixing with non-bloodmage blood. Strangely, the mix made the curse more powerful. Ian learned that his mother wasn’t fully human, she had within her demon blood from her homeland. The mix was volatile. The four years of peace had come because his great-grandfather wasn’t concentrating on Ian anymore, he was focusing on the little girl. His attempts in awakening Ian’s demonic abilities had been a relentless battle, Ian had subconsciously been fighting Lucius. However, the young girl, taking after her mother, was not so innately cynical and cautious of the world. The little girl, Kasumi, only three, fell quickly into Lucius grasp. At this time Lucius made clear to Ian the history of his family’s blood, and the destiny of the Lucius’ progeny. All of Lucius’ progeny held the ability to awaken a demonic force within, but it needed a little supernatural push, provided by the evil spirit of Lucius. Once awoken the individual would be an unstoppable force of pure destruction. That person would have no conscious, only a desire to destroy all in its path. The destruction would make way for a new beginning, the entry for the great demon god Tenebrus, who is trapped in the dream realm.

Ian was determined to save his little girl, but above all else he was determined to stop Lucius and Tenebrus. Ian fought valiantly and passionately, but he found himself in a predicament. Lucius managed to capture Ian’s wife. Lucius forced Ian to make a choice, either let his daughter go willingly, since Lucius still could not awaken her fully if her father did only let her go emotionally, or let his wife die. Ian chose, his wife died. Under Lucius’ hand Kasumi had learned much, and even at her age she was powerful. The death of her mother angered her and she turned on Lucius vindictively. Prior to her mother’s death Lucius was able to convince her that it was all a game. Surprised, Lucius was badly injured but he killed Kasumi. Lucius told Ian that he had no other choice but to attack Ian’s brother. (As a side note Ian’s twin sister Julia was safe because she lived with powerful monks, who sensed the darkness around her and placed many protective spells on her. She was relatively safe while she stayed on monastery grounds, which the monks made sure she did.)

Devastated, Ian rode on horseback as fast as he could. His travels still took many weeks. When he arrived his family was in turmoil. Lucius had killed Viviana and Leo was being tortured. Emotionally he was balanced on a razor’s edge, his rebellious side resisted Lucius, but the power was tempting. He had never been the greatest of blood mages. Tertius had been beaten nearly to death. Together Ian and Leo fought Lucius, but he was to powerful. Tertius made the ultimate sacrifice for his family. He offered his soul to Lucius, who immediately awoke the demonic powers in Tertius. Still under his own control Tertius killed Lucius and then himself before he became an unconscious monster. Before Lucius died he cursed Ian to suffer from perpetual blood tantrums. His life in near shambles, Ian fell into a deep depression, but Leo needed him.

Stressing that he was in no shape to raise a young man, Ian placed Leo under the guard of Camillus, who had been a close friend of Ian. Leo felt abandoned, but he would grow up healthily under Camillus.

Lonely, Ian traveled the world, and when that wasn’t enough he spanned the universe.


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