Character Details - Amilyn D'riel

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Name: Amilyn D'Riel

Race: S'Hean Elf, Corinian Human and Ali-Maera

Age: 28 (as of Bloodmoon Rising)

Height: 4'11"

Build/Weight: Slender and compact

Hair: Flame red curls, usually reaching the middle of her back.  At the end of Scorched Earth, Amilyn cut off her curls, and they've grown back, though not nearly as long as before.

Eyes: D'Riel green

Complexion: Fair, though tanned from time in the dual suns of Whispin

Clothing: Usually a white shift, or whispin leather trousers and a cropped tank top.

Personality: Amilyn is generally calm, much like her older brother Conlan, though this hasn't been as evident in recent years. 

After Shattered Web, Amilyn has a wealth of psychological issues, brought by the abandonment of one mother, the near loss of her other mother, and her near death at the hands of her now stepfather.  She's terrified of Callan, though this may often be hidden by arrogance or just plain rudeness.  She doesn't understand how Melaina and Glory can stay friends with him after what happened, but she knows better than to push her older sister on the issue. 

During Scorched Earth, Amilyn's issues only worsened, with her capture by Mystical and Tallin.  She also lost a stabilizing influence in Melaina, but regained her towards the end of the story.   It was Amilyn's determination that brought Melaina back from across the veil, as she is the one who approached her siblings and then the Silverleaf siblings about the idea.

Occupation: Amazon in training

Skills and Abilities:  Amilyn has a tremendous ability with magic, though she doesn't understand most of it yet.  She does, on occasion, shapeshift, usually shifting to a small white dragon. 

Weapons: Amilyn has no set preferences for weapons yet, though she does like a whip for a defensive choice.  Generally, she has a variety of choices on her at almost all times.

History:  Amilyn is the last child of Mystical's fight to stay in the light.  Events during Shattered Web and Scorched Earth have left her with a lot of psychological issues, but she's quietly trying to work through them on her own. 

Marital Status: Unmarried

Children: None

Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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Hallee Hirsch