Character Details - Roisin Dubda

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Name: Roisin Dubda (pr. Ro-SHEEN Dowd)

Meaning of Name: black rose

Race: Half Tauremornan elf, half human

Age: 40

Apparent Age: mid-twenties

Height: 5'10"/177 cm

Build/Weight: Slim, small-breasted, lightly muscled. About 155 lbs/ 70kgs

Hair: Black, long and straight. Usually worn loose.

Eyes: dark brown

Complexion: Tanned Caucasian

Clothing: Roisin normally wears long skirts and a hooded cloak. Her head is usually covered to hide her ears.

Personal Items Usually Carried: Flute, long knife


Roisin is cold. She carries a great deal of residual anger towards her family, and people in general, because of her past and her parentage. Her self-loathing is directed outwards. Nonetheless, she is a controlled person, and perfectly capable of pushing her feelings back and appearing civil.

Getting more than 'civil' from her takes time. She is most likely to befriend those least like her, people who are outwardly engaging and even light-hearted. She has no time for stupidity, though. Her loyalty, once gained, is immense, and her sense of betrayal enormous.

She has a very sharp mind and a devious intelligence. She suspects most people she meets of having ulterior motives and she's always trying to work them out before they can hurt her.


Roisin is currently a member of the Blood Moon Cult.

Skills and Abilities:

Roisin has spent time in the court of Saldor, and was for a time the Lady there. She is well-versed in day-to-day management of people and resources, appropriate protocols, and manners - not that those of Saldor do her much good in Teklan.

She plays the flute very well, and has sometimes made her living from that on her travels. Out of necessity, she's also learned to defend herself, and she usually carries a long-bladed knife at her side. She's not a natural fighter but she does have a savagery to her.

Roisin is also very good at going unseen. She's quiet of nature, and skilled at fading into the background. Her time in the Cult has sharpened these skills, and she's become excellent at following people undetected, and breaking and entering.


Roisin is the daughter of Mhairi, niece of the current Duke of Saldor. She was born and raised in Kelmar until the secret Mhairi had been keeping threatened to become obvious. Despite being married to a respectable noble, Mhairi had somehow conducted an affair with an elf from the Tauremorna forest, and he was Roisin’s father.

Mhairi waited until Roisin reached adulthood to tell her the truth. Roisin was repelled and disgusted, both by her mother and by her own blood. She became furiously angry and left home, disappearing into the city’s poor districts for a while before leaving and beginning the wandering that has become her life.

Her first stop was her uncle's Court, where she became involved in the events of The Orb of Talos. This destroyed what little trust she had left in her family, as the uncle who'd agreed to shelter her despite her blood turned out to be a power-crazed lunatic. Seeing how he'd been manipulated and how damaged he was, Roisin nonetheless stayed with him for about a year, nursing him back to health and confidence. During this period she also had a brief sexual relationship with Vanyalin Alcarin.

She was deeply unhappy, however, and eventually left Saldor to continue travelling. The further she went, the less she was haunted by the conflicts of her parentage. After several years, she found herself in Teklan. Here she stood out because of her pale skin and her accent, and she rapidly found herself in trouble as a woman travelling alone.

Killing a man in self-defense brought her to the attention of the Blood Moon Cult, and after some observation, she was recruited. Her general loathing of men and her lesbianism help her to fit where her blood might make her something of an outsider. She has found a strong sense of family and community in the Cult, and her loyalty to them outweighs any concerns she might have about the morality of what they do.

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