Character Details - Glyndwr

Written by SilverthornCreated : 27-Feb-2005 11:35:57 am
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Name: Glyndwr, sometimes known as Glyn
Race: Merkin
Hair: White
Eyes: Dark Blue, these secrete a special slippery fluid which protects the eyes from foreign objects and water friction.
Skin: Blue with a slight metallic hue. Light smatterings of scales curve from the corner of his eyes up to his temples and into his hair. Gil vents are well hidden just behind the jaw-line and soft flowing fins can be seen at wrist and ankle.
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Athletic

Glyndwr, better known as Glyn to members of his pod, is a Merkin, a race of Elves that live beneath the seas of Whispin. This race has only limited contact with land-bound humanoids, and they rarely stray far from the sea as they cannot tolerate being out of the water for long, and will seek out pools and streams for relief as well as consume heavily salted foods.

The voice of a Merkin tends to be high pitched and their speech oddly drawn out, a result of communication beneath the waves. The nature of their language is highly musical, comprised of sonic tones similar to that of a whale and not easily translated into Common. They consider human and Elven languages harsh and guttural and it is very rare that one of them will take the time to learn any tongue other than their own. Glyndwr is one who has learnt something of the Common tongue, but his knowledge is far from perfect and as such he can appear abrupt, often speaking single words rather than sentences.

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