Character Details - Angaste Relonor

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Angaste RelonorPhysical Description
Name: Angaste Relonor
Meaning of Name: Savage Keeper of the Wind Game
Race: Eheiling Nahrn, A 'Dark elf' of the Diirlathe
Apparent Age:
Hair: Black, Cropped Short
Eyes: Black, reflect moonlight, making them appear to glow
Height: 5' 2"
Build: Delicate and slim, yet incredibly strong. Very fast elven reflexes.
Identifying Marks: Like all Eheiling Narhn, Angaste has scars from various brushes with the Mother Desert, most of which leave road-rash type scars on various parts of her body. The most evident though are a series of scars that run along inside of right forearm which appear to be due more to a blade than the sands.
Clothing: In battle situations, she is most likely to be found in black leathers and close-fitting, sleeveless shirts, as well as boots with heavy, sand-gripping tread. However at other times, Angaste is like any Eheiling Nahrn, going barefoot and topless with a linen kilt on her lower half.

Personal Information
Personality: Her personality can be abrupt to the point of rudeness, as she is not given to casual chatter and is rarely seen to laugh. However, she is competent rather than cold, if a little impatient at times.
Position: PortalMaster
Abilities: Angaste, as PortalMaster, is responsible for using the elemental gifts of their Eldredae forebears to open a portal large enough for a ship to pass through. This is done by tapping into the Ay'thryn, or Ghia, of Aerdon, the soul of the planet itself, and drawing upon 'her' power. All Eheiling Nahrn are capable of touching the minds of other races, though MindSpeech is usually only used amongst themselves for easier communication between ships.
Weapons Used: Angaste is fully trained in a martial art form known only to the Eheiling Nahrn, although a dagger is rarely far from her side. This is a plain-looking weapon, more functional than decorative, with a curved blade and leather-bound hilt.

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: Angaste is a member of the Eheiling Nahrn, a greatly misunderstood and much maligned race of Elves on Aerdon. They dwell in the deepest desert of the Diirlathe, and were once Elves of the Silmetauraea, the Starlit Woods. Considered outcasts from the Eldredae Elves, the Eheiling Nahrn still make use of antiquated and rare technology that was left on Aerdon after the Great Cymerian Wars between magic and technology. For this love and desire to keep their 'toys' the Eheiling Nahrn were cast out of the Silmetauraea. These elves developed airships that use suspensor fields and solar power to transverse the desert and are the major merchantile class in the northern half of Nehlmere. There are known renegade fleets, and those are of the thief/pirate guild.

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