Character Details - Devan Urdrul

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Physical Description:
*Name: Devan Urdrul
Meaning of Name:
*Race: Brendari/Elen
*Age: 900+
Apparent Age (if different): Early Twenties
*Height: 6’4
*Build/Weight: Heavy Muscled Warrior physique
*Hair: Black, worn to nape of neck
*Eyes: Slate-Grey
Complexion: Dark tan
*Identifying Marks (if present): none
Clothing: Black trousers and boots, never wears shirts
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Devan is friendly, though shy in some ways, and very innocent in others.
*Occupation: Farmer
*Skills and Abilities:
Fair hand with a sword
Elen Magic: Translocation weaves
*Weapons Used: Broad sword

Background Information:

*History: Born and raised in Brendar’s Valley he hasn’t ventured out much. Joined Conor to help Laura during the Master’s Touch, fought alongside the centaurs in Laer and attended a Centaur celebration, otherwise has never been out of the valley. He has developed an interest in Ophelia Axewielder, despite a certain awkwardness in the fact that his brother Conor was courting her at one time.

*Marital Status: Single/Budding interest in Ophelia Axewielder
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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