Character Details - Alison Quartermaine

Written by Willow SilverwingCreated : 23-Feb-2005 1:07:36 am
Last Edited : 2-Oct-2006 10:58:49 pm

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Height: 5”6” Hair: Black Eyes: Lavender Age: 28 Alison is an archeologist and a dealer of antiquities. She owns her own shop and deals only in the finest...or gives the appearance that she is dealing. She iis really buying back items that are on the black market and find there way to her. She is scrupulous and as honest as the day is long. Her services cannot be bought and paid for. Give her a map, a description of what you are looking for and where it was last seen or believed to be and she is ready to go. Consequently you better pay her well because sure as shooting she is going to forget that one needs to eat and to have protection and guides for the areas that she finds herself in. Languages come easy to her, memories for dates, what items belong in which period of time are all stored away in her photographic mind. ---This is a new character in the works.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Vivian Leigh