Character Details - A're Ph'yre

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Phoenix form
Features : Bird of fire with feathers of flame and its body is mostly deep crimson and red.
Build : Small enough to be carried on a person's shoulder
Eyes : Amber yellow eyes
Communication : Does not speak but can communicate through the mind as to what she wants.

Human form
Height : Approximate 5 foot
Weight : Approximate 95 pounds
Build : Petite
Hair Colour : Blond with white and red highlights
Eyes : Shamrock green which will turn amber when in emotional distress
Apparent Age : Unknown
Physical Marking : Small red marking of a phoenix over her heart
Weapons : None
Dressing : A halter top and a cloth tied around her waist. Barefooted

Special Abilities
Ability to control any type of fire, the temperature and the amount of heat generated. Her tears have healing powers and when she sings, she can induce hypnosis. Travels by stepping into a fire and exiting at any other place that has a fire going. At the end of every century, A're will die in a blaze of fire before raising from her ashes in rebirth taking the form of an adult female human of around 19. In the event of a premature death, A're will be rebirthed as a little girl with no memories of who or what she is.

Legend has it that the blood of the phoenix will give the one who drinks it immortality. And so it was that the phoenix was hunted for its blood. However, the legend took many versions as to what would happen to the drinker. There are those who said that the drinkers became immortals. There are also those who say that the drinkers would die in a blaze of fire. And yet again, there were stories of how those who drank the blood became immortals but would burn in agony forever in an eternal blaze of fire.

A're is the only one of her kind and has been alone for all of her life. Her life has been a lonely one avoiding all contacts from living beings. There was once when A're had came upon a little boy near death, bitten by a poisonous snake. Feeling compassion, A're had shed tears of blood, letting her tears fall on the bite. The poison was neutralised and the boy lived. However, her act of kindness was misunderstood by power-hungry men who mistakenly concluded that her blood would give immortality. Hunted by these men, A're was shot and injured by an arrow. Weakened by the lose of blood, A're could only watch while the men drank her blood before combusting into balls of fire. Soon after, A're bleed to death. A century had yet to pass before her natural death. And so it is, when A're rose from her ashes in rebirth, she became a little girl with no memories.

An elderly huntsman came upon A're wandering in the forest. With no child to call his own, he adopted A're as his own, raising her like a daughter. Years went by and A're grew up and when she was about 18 or so the huntsman estimated, the nearby village bully decided he would like to have A're. With or without permission. In the struggle where the huntsman tried to stop the bully, the huntsman was bruatally beaten. Under this extreme stress, A're in great astonishment changed into her phoenix form and set the bully ablaze. After healing the huntsman with her tears, A're left as the villagers were just starting talks about witch burning.

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