Character Details - Lillian P Jacobs

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Name: Lillian P Jacobs-MacAllister

Age: 165 (appears no older than mid-thirties)

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Emerald

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Race: Human

Home World: Ucatha 7

Planet of Residence: CathEska

Appearance: Lillian is what most would call a full figured woman since she is of average height for a human female and is a bit on the heavy side. Her deep red hair is generally worn piled on top of her head in a messy kind of bun with ringlets framing her round face, though, when she is working in the yard or doing any sort of manual labor its word in a braid that just brushes the small of her back. To complement Lillian’s very earthy personality her mode of dress is usually what most would call country meaning jeans, cotton shirts, boots, and the like. However, as the owner of The Dream House she cleans of very well and in the evenings (her business hours) you can almost always find Lillian in silk, satin, and lace accented by tasteful jewelry usually diamonds or emeralds as they are her favorites.

Demeanor: The best way to describe Lillian’s personality is to say she is very down home and country. Lillian seems to be everyone’s friend though if she doesn’t’ like you or agree with you then she is also not one to hide such things. She is a very loving, giving, and honest person who has no issues with speaking her mind.

Abilities: Lillian’s skills are extremely varied as she grew up in the rugged terrain farming colony of Ucatha 7 which has a very old west feel to it. All the colonists of her home world get up at the crack of dawn and don’t stop working until the sun has set. All her life Lillian has worked with her hands so she is very adept at farm work of all kinds as well as keeping house. Among her more interesting abilities is her knowledge of technology … more specifically computers, simulators, and space ships.

Lillian’s job is as a Protector, or at least that is what the Ucathian’s call it. Because of this she has been trained to pilot several different types of spacecrafts and do maintenance on all their operating systems making the feisty redhead very self sufficient. She can also shoot just about any weapon you give her from a laser gun to a bow and arrow.

Weaknesses: Lillian only has two weaknesses that ever give her any huge amount of trouble. The first being is that she can’t stand to see anyone or anything abused in any fashion. When this happens Lillian has been none to lose her temper and thus all rational thought ceases completely. More often then not this gets Lillian in huge amounts of trouble that generally ends in a fight of some sort. The second weakness she has is small dark places that stems from her time being a captive of the Kurn. This fear, though, it is not debilitating for Lillian it does take everything she has to remain calm and rational long enough to at least attempt to get herself out. If it is apparent that she is indeed stuck there and dependent upon another person to release her from where ever she is trapped Lillian will become incredibly hostile and violent.

History: Lillian was raised much the same as any child who lived in the old west of the United States between the 1700 & 1800 would have been raised. She learned to take care of animals, plow fields, clean house, bake, and basically lead a very simple life. Then the Kurn came to her home world forcing the colonists there to return to using the technology they had forsaken generations ago in an effort to help defend themselves from the ruthlessness of the shape shifting race of humanoids trying to take over their home. It was during this time that Protectors came into being.

Protectors are a group of specially trained men and women whose only purpose is to find the Kurn on whatever world they happen to occupy and destroy them. Lillian was recruited and trained as a Protector just after her thirtieth birthday. One of the perks of being a Protector is that your life is extended well past the average life span for a human by genetic manipulation. Instead of living an average of 100 years most Protectors live to be between the ages of four or five hundred. Lillian has been hunting and destroying the Kurn for more than one hundred and thirty years. During one of her first assignments, however, the feisty redhead was captured.

While she was a captive of the Kurn Argus Lillian suffered great amounts of torture that included being starved, beaten, shocked with electrical current, stretched until all her joints popped out of place, and several other less than pleasant experiences that I will not mention here. No matter what Argus did to her Lillian would not tell him the information he wanted to know. By a small miracle of fate Lillian did manage to escape her prison and take a few of her fellow captives with her. It was as she flew away in a stolen transport ship that she swore she would die before she allowed herself to ever be captured again. It is also what made her more determined than ever to help any who managed to escape Kurn brutality.

Currently Lillian’s job has taken her to the planet of CathEska where she once again faces Argus. She owns and runs The Dream House as a refuge for those that manage to escape Argus’ cruelty and has done for near fifty years. It is a cross between a mercantile (which she runs out of a store room of the kitchen) and a brothel. Whenever a new female shows up Lillian always cleans them up, makes sure they understand they are safe, and then gives them a choice of how they want to earn their keep. She never forces anyone to do anything they don’t wish to. She does however run a very tight ship and all of the women in her care must contribute to the household in some fashion.

Recently Lillian has found her soul mate in one Taegan MacAllister whom she met while he was on his way to map a mountain. After selling him supplies for a kiss and promising to make a pie a day until her returned Lillian made good on her promise. After a year of baking hoping, dreaming, and praying Taegan finally did return and two days later the couple was happily married.

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