Character Details - Teila Avid Silversong

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Name: Teila Avíd Silversong

Age: 4178

Gender: Female

Race: Shroudling/Wingling

Appearance: At 5'11, Teila is only an inch shorter than most Shroudlings and is often teased about it...sometimes called a "keebler elf". But only by those she's closest to since a remark like that from an unwelcome stranger would prove to be dangerous to them. Teila's most lethal weapons would be her sharp tongue and quick wit.

 Since she is half Wingling, Teila is somewhat vertically challenged as far as Shroudlings go, yet taller than any other wingling due to her Shroudling genetics. She has inherited the more pronounced points on her ears from the Winglings as well as the ability to change to their normal height of 18 inches. Once again, the mix with her Shroudling blood causes her to be slightly taller...21 inches.

 The only time Teila's wings can be seen is while she's in Wingling form. Because of her water element her mood can change with the tides; easily excited, mischievous, unpredictable, and blue wings to match. Like all other Winglings, Teila's wings looks like a tattoo while in a more normal height. Traditionally, hair colour is the same as the wing color. Again, due to the blood mix and genetic tradition, as a female Shroudling Teila has inherited red hair traits with a twist...a few blue streaks as well.
 Her green eyes hold gold flecks, both colours vibrant in the sun.

Clothes/jewelry/crests: Clothing depends on the occasion with Teila. Though she normally dresses elegantly, her wardrobe for formal occasions is much more extravagant and very finely detailed. Pants...not in her vocabulary. Teila owns many different dresses as well as skirts and wraps varying between different types of silk. Can often be seen in one of her more favorite articles: a long, white hooded cloak which falls well past her feet and flows gracefully behind her as she walks.

 Teila wears a large piece of amber set in silver. At the base of the amber a piece of black tiger's eye was placed into the setting. Along the bottom of the silver setting are five water drop shaped pieces of silver which dangle from the pendant. Each one gradually larger than the other as they meet in the center. A family heirloom which represents a close tie to animals, especially of the feline persuasion.

 The pendant is secured by a chain that was made and given to her by Aydra. The chain is woven magically out of sea water and resembles a blue prismic crystal yet bends and moves like one made of silver. When looking closely, one can see the water sparkling and moving through the chain.

Armor: Armor is used lightly as Teila has inherited the Shroudling immortality as well, unlike Aydra, who only inherited the long slow aging life of her Shroudling half, making it very possible for her to be killed. Teila's armor consists of dark brown leather vambraces and a translucent mirror shield. The vambrace on her right hand is ornamented with silver ivy leaves. At the wrist of the vambrace, the ivy leaves create a circle which acts as a setting for a palm size amethyst. This amethyst can store the broadsword she bares magically until Teila summons it to her hand.

Weapons: a stick for poking things with is always necessary but instead Teila sometimes carries a staff. As skilled in close range and long range fights as Teila is, she also equipped with poison daggers, throwing knives, a great broadsword with an amethyst encrested into the center of the hilt to match her vambrace, and a longbow said to have been made by the goddess Artemis herself for the Silversong family. It has been passed down female to female for 10,000 generations yet the bow is still strong as though it had been built only yesterday. It is adorned with a few feathers and leather strands with pieces of lava stone, onyx and sapphire tied into it to promote defensive magic as well as strands with sunstone, amber, chrysoprase, and black tourmaline for protection.


Illusionary magic: Can use anything which holds a reflection as a door, portal, trick, or hiding place. Weakness: if the hiding place is a glass mirror and it is broken, Teila will be well wounded and unable to escape for some time until her strength and/or cognitive senses return.
Shape shifting: Teila changes form at will. Usually choosing to be anything postulant such as 3 ft green nettle slugs or black and yellow horned salamanders to either blend in with her swamp surroundings or just to creep out the locals. Even in these forms, her wings still resemble tiny tattoos on her back, making her easy to identify for those who know how to look.

1 oversized green swamp griffin & about 20 cats. Included in the batch of 20 felines are 3 leopards, 1 spotted, 1 snow, 1 black.

Occupation: Tending to the ecosystem of the swamp and the surrounding forests, herbalist, Soul singer. (Those with the gift to bring others back to life after willingly giving their lives up for another. (Typically at war time). Soul singers also have the ability to neutralize a warrior that has been consumed with the Braefre. *term developed by M. Sult* )

 Teila was born to Arañita Silkweb of the Winglings and Koron Silversong of the Shroudlings. Arañita gave birth to her daughter at their home in the Wingling forest. The Silkweb tribe's homes were various within the forest treetops. Usually 5-6 Wingling homes per tree.

 Shape shifting is something Teila has always been able to do though it is not a learned magic. She's been able to do it since before birth, even during her mother's gestation period with her. In fact, for the longest time it was thought the mother had a strange parasite instead of a pregnancy. Teila, even then seemed to enjoy being a slimy pustulant creature. It wasn't until 4 months into the pregnancy that she finally allowed her family to know she was there. More like she was forced to allow herself to be detected since there were many attempts with strong herbs and magic to dispel her that became life threatening.

Shortly after she was born there were many celebrations to not only welcome her into the world, but also to be recognized by the Silkwebs as their future Priestess - a future leader of the Silkweb Wingling tribe. She was given a bracelet made of alternating amber and jet beads which she later wore on her ankle.

The Silversong family also came and bestowed blessings upon her. It was then she was given the amber pendant. A family heirloom that is passed from grandmother to granddaughter in the Silversong tradition. It was said that the pendant brings the wearer the wisdom of their ancestors, to guard her health, and bring her luck, strength, protection, beauty, and love. Which was especially funny since Teila spent the ages of 1-3 in the form of a slug to spite her parents for the 'honor' of being burdened with the duties of High Priestess.

This was not a time to cross Teila. Fits often resulted in her spitting fire at her mother quickly learned. Arañita tried to pick her daughter up off of a plant and get her ready for ritual to force her back to a normal form. As a result, Teila burned her mother's hand in attempt to be let go. Arañita refused the aid of any Wingling or Shroudling healers and is still left with a nasty scar from the burn.

At the age of 4, her father had brought her 3 leopard kittens. These were to be trained to be her companions, to protect her, to fight along side her, and to aid her when she needed it. Teila named the spotted leopard Gen (jen), the black leopard Et'er, and the snow leopard...Snowy. What do you want from a 4 year old?

At the age of 5, Teila started venturing off either alone or with her cousin Lillyn. Teila and Lillyn would go and play in the forest together, looking for different stones or finding different plants and moss for Aranita's spells and other magical applications. It seemed like when they were together, they were inseparable.

On one of Teila's ventures alone, she traveled miles from her home. 153 miles to be exact. It was there she stumbled on a vast lonely forest harboring in it's center, a swamp. It was like love at first sight. Teila knew the swamp and forest were special. She even found certain magical plants that grew in the there that one could never find around the Silkweb forest or village. There was life and energies that could only exist within that forest. Teila looked all over and could find no signs of residence of any race. It was like no one knew it was there. Everything was undisturbed and the magic there was indescribable. So Teila decided to continue keeping it a secret. Even from Lillyn. Who, even being her cousin, was also her best friend.

Often on her trips to the swamp,  Teila would concentrate the journal her father gave her. She enjoyed writing as it was a different way of being creative, often signing off her entries by rubbing the color off of a flower petal onto her index finger and pressing it onto the page rather than putting her name to it. Teila's fingerprints were indeed unique as they had a crescent shape in the center, resembling the moon as it changed from new to full.

Teila's wandering from her family showed a great deal of independence at an early age. By technicality of the Silkweb Wingling tribe, Teila should be a more behaved young lady as she is to become the next high priestess. At one time she had never taken an interest in such duty, only preferring to be solitary and free to choose her form. Teila had always resented the fact that the Silkwebs considered her ability to change as inappropriate behavior. But, that was all fine now with Teila since she would save her 'sluggish' lifestyle for her home away from home...trying to identify with the 2 sides which make her whole.

Teila had also began learning the ways of the Winglings, aside from being taught magic, she was taught Wingling flight combat, and survival skills. Though Teila already knew very well how to survive on her own due to her many trips to the swamp. Those trips there became more and more frequent since Lillyn was spending less time with Teila.  In fact, even at that young age, she would camp there and it was there that she had found Emils.

Emils, was originally found as an egg nestled in the top of a tree. The tree sat right on the bank of the dank almost pitch black swamp water. It would be the luck of the egg that strong winds of a storm would sweep through the lands and blow it into the water.

Teila had awakened by the sound of the large splash the egg made causing her to suddenly jump to her feet. The sound had echoed in the shallow stone cave she used as shelter, only 15 feet from the swamp water. She had been sleeping on her bed of moss, grass and leaves with her leopard trio keeping her warm. From her bed, through the cave opening and into the water, she could see a white floating object that bobbed a few times before sinking into the swamp. Wondering if such a white orb might cause any damage to the ecosystem, Teila jumped up, ran and dove in after it.

It was when she had retrieved it and wiped away the muck had she realized what it was. A rare breed of griffin that breeds once only every 1000 years there in the swamp, leaving their eggs to fend for themselves. Hence the reason they're rare. Swamp griffins are usually a disgusting green color, much like the moss and algae that grew everywhere. A trait Teila loved about them. Something about the shade of green was appealing to her. So she kept the egg and tended to it until the griffin hatched. It was then she named him Emils.

Teila grew up learning all the traditions within the Wingling and Shroudling communities. But since the two were so different, she had trouble adopting either one and never really identified with them much. She did with her heritage what she had to, and partly because she wanted to.

There was conflict between both sides as far as tradition. Sometimes to escape, she would fly off with Emils to parts of her forest that are so deep, even she was lost for 2 weeks. On a few of her many visits there, she had seen perhaps only 3 travelers through there. It would be safe to assume only 2 of the travelers knew where they were going. But she much preferred to be her own individual, neither Wingling or Shroudling. Just Teila. That is her identity. What she did take from them for life outside her bestowed calling, however, were the ways of magic and the arts of battle.

Yet, even though Teila would disappear sometimes, she still dedicated herself to her training to be the High Priestess of her mother's tribe. Besides. Lillyn for some reason would always join her during her lessons and it was nice to spend time with her.

Other reasons Teila would spend all of her free time in the swamp was because she was often teased about being a short Shroudling or a tall Wingling. She also enjoyed the solitude from society since there she isn't required to be in either Shroudling or Wingling form, but is able to and prefers to be the blobby thing (which almost resembles an oversized 7ft sea slug) that once was thought to be her mother's parasite. A normally effervescent personality, Teila's happiness lies in her swamp with animals as friends.

Around the age of 8 1/2, Teila journeyed to Draelond to learn the ways of Shroudling magic, history, and life. She was curious about the life there and was always driving to learn as much as she possibly could. So for the first time in her life, she left her family and her swamp behind and went to study with the dragons. It was there that Teila's magic and combat skills received the fine tuning she so desired, making her a great mage, a skilled fighter, and a deadly shot with a bow by the age of 14. Teila's grandmother heard her granddaughter was quite the shot and had come to visit her. It was then Teila was given the Goddess bow.

When it came to history, she preferred to study the changes in weaponry over the years as well as some of the ancient tribes and original people of Arlsyn. Teila also specialized in learning about the herbs and plants for each area. Such as which ones had symbiant relationships creating the botanic ecosystem around them. This way, she could better tend to her swamp.

Just after Teila turned 17 and had finished her schooling with the Dragons, she had decided to travel around Arlsyn and learn more about the different races. She wanted to learn about their cultures first hand and perhaps add a new spell or combat skill to her list. It was a bit uncomfortable traveling due to her having to be in Shroudling form. She didn't want to be picked off as someone's delicacy and eaten, so she traveled a little larger.

Teila first headed south to see where it would get her. She was in no hurry to get anywhere, seeing as she had a lot of time on her hands due to her immortality. It wasn't until she was 18 did she really reach the southern part of the province where she met up with the Sosar Nation. As she passed through the tall wooden gates marking the land of the Sosar Phoenix Tribe, she noticed the pillars of fire on either side of the gate and the tribe's crest of a phoenix and a sun above the entrance. The light of the fire gave her cloak a warm orange glow to it. She pulled back her hood to observe the small city more closely.

Teila was so busy looking around she didn't notice the group of armed centaurs watching her every move. The centaurs in fact were guards and thinking she was an Outlander, they captured her and threw her in a cell for holding until an elder could be reached. Little did Teila know, the Sosar nation does not trust outlanders and are not very wise to mixed breeds within Arlsyn. Also, no matter how skilled you are in battle, there's no defeating 10 centaurs on your own...not straight out of Draelond anyway. That takes skilled experience. She did however wound 7 of them. 2 nearly fatally. Not bad against experienced centaurs.

It wasn't long until one of the tribe's elders appeared before Teila. She was a young centaur with short, fire red hair and tail and a black coat standing at 6'9. Well, almost appeared before Teila. Before they could return, Teila had taken advantage of her Wingling size and slipped through the bars. She then had the gall to flit over to the elder and perch on her back. The elder turned to look at her, then back at the guards that had captured Teila. "You idiots! she's a Wingling! What made you think she was an outlander?" The guards stood there looking embarrassed before they were dismissed. The young elder turned again to Teila to apologize for the mishap and introduced herself as Solar Epitae. Little did Teila know, they would get along now and for years but one day become mortal enemies.

Teila sat with Solar and better explained to her just what had happened between the guards and her. Even so, the event happened too hastefully for Solar's taste. As a token of apology, Solar gave Teila something only descendants of the Sosar blood can create. Teila sat and watched as Solar lit a candle and proceeded to circle the flame with her hands a few times before being able to pull what looked like a string of fire. Then another. And another. Soon Solar had so many pieces of fire, it began looking like threads. She began to weave them into one thick thread like a thin red rope. When she finished, she handed it to Teila and told her to wear it in her hair. It would aid her on the nights with low temperatures. Seeing as it's made of fire, it will help keep her warm. Teila gladly accepted the little treasure and wove it into the single little braid she had in her hair. Indeed, it was warm to the touch and even brought a sense of comfort.

Teila stayed with the Sosars for a few days before heading on. During her stay, she witnessed centaurs sparring and practicing weapon techniques almost everywhere she went. Even the cenlings (centaur children) were in ranks practicing and learning how to battle. Teila kind of thought to herself during the experience. She thought their battle strategies were a bit weak and somewhat flawed. But then, Sosars are well known for occasionally using brute strength alone. Which is probably why she had wounded the guards so easily. Other times, their strategies and maneuvers seemed almost flawless. But by watching their worst displays, Teila was able to strengthen her own.

Teila walked around with Gen at her side. Emils, Et'er, and Snowy were off playing somewhere while Gen insisted on staying near Teila. That afternoon, Teila went over to the fire pit for a bite to eat. As they got closer, Teila noticed Solar was there as well. "I had hoped to see you here this afternoon, Teila" Solar said as they reached the pit. Gen sniffed the air around Solar as though to be suspicious about something and began to growl lightly at Solar. Teila looked down at Gen, "Stop that. They've been kind to let us stay here. Have some manners Gen." Gen gave a snort of disapproval and laid down at Teila's feet. "Sorry about that." Solar looked at the leopard with a raised eye brow, smiled at Teila and continued to speak. "I forgot to tell you something about that fire strand I gave you. When you need to use it, cup it in your hands and blow on it gently until it glows. It'll keep you warm for 10 hours at a time before you need to start it again." "Ah..." Teila replied still dwelling on her amazement on how young the Sosars begin training their children in combat. "I've noticed how much time and effort your tribe puts into their training." Teila commented as she laid down a few coppers for some bread and a bit of meat off the spit. "Is there something you're preparing for?" "No." Solar chuckled. "We of the Sosar race pride ourselves on our abilities in fighting. We're known as a strong race and don't care to be taken lightly." Teila thought about that and decided to make her stay a short one. Not that she was intimidated. Nooo... She just didn't care to be around such a mind set. The Phoenix tribe of the Sosar Nation just seemed a bit unstable. Teila and Solar continued their conversation until late in the afternoon. Solar seemed to check out okay in Teila's mind but she decided to press on anyway. There was much more to see and experience. She set 2 more copper pieces on the table for some extra bread to take with her as she traveled. When her request was met, she placed them into a pouch, bid farewell to Solar and was on her way. Gen seemed relieved to have finally left.

Teila continued to travel town to town in all four cardinal directions spending a month here 8 months there. She even spent a year in the west learning about the towns and people there. Even hoping to meet some of the Wessar Nation with no luck. They can be difficult to find. Teila stayed near the west until she was 20 years of age.

Back at her birth home, things were getting heated.

Lillyn, now 19, was carrying an old leather bound book as she traveled to Koron's place of study. It was just after the anual forest cleansing ritual, where the High Priestess banishes all negativity from the tribe and forest. Lillyn stopped for a second to remove a picture of Arañita from a small black mirror before proceeding. Placing the mirror and picture back into her pocket, she quietly walked through the door. "Koron." He put down his papers and looked up. "Yes Lillyn. What can I help you with?" She slowly extended that which she carried to Koron. Koron looked at the tired old book. Then at Lillyn. It was Teila's journal. "There's an entry in here I thought should be brought to your attention. I stumbled upon it by accident." Lillyn said in a concerned voice. Koron, a little confused, turned to the page she had marked:

'...I've almost finished with my training to become the next High Priestess. All that's left is the Ritual of Rights that will put me into power. Everyone knows that the High Priestess has the strongest magic of the Silkweb tribe. Yet alas, I cannot be in possession of such power until after the ritual has taken place. Once that happens, I will begin making live sacrifices, using the Silkweb people, to Nator - The Pan God of death, blood and rotting flesh. In return, he has already promised me total rule and control of 6 other plains and dimensions, as long as I sacrifice the natives there as well. Then, we will reach our ultimate goal. Having enough power to unlock the doors of the Centauri Realm, find the Star Walker tribe and wipe out the race completely. It won't be long...Not long at all...'

Signed with a fingerprint baring a scar across it.

Indeed, this was a crisis for the Silkwebs.

Koron and Arañita deeply discussed the fate and future of their daughter. "Arañita, your tribe needs a leader. Teila is an evil threat to your people. She clearly cannot assume her place as the High Priestess." Koron said with great concern. Arañita could not believe what her husband spoke of. "This is not in her nature..." her voice was soft...almost weak. "Well it's time you came to your senses about this!" In light of yelling, the frustration and anger was over apparent in Koron's voice. He wanted nothing more than to see his daughter accepted by the tribe and for her to adopt the tribe's way of life herself. Now, that just didn't seem possible.

Sadly, he continued. "We'll have to force her to step down." Arañita removed the glove which hid the scar on her hand and showed it to Koron. She struggled to speak yet managed a triumphant whisper. "You can't force her to do anything." Instantly he stopped. Remembering the day Teila burned her own mother. Teila's will was even stronger than his. The rippled and wrinkled scar on his wife's hand made his heart ache. "There must be another way." Koron said. Arañita coughed then whispered again. "She has a cousin who is just as able. Though I still don't believe Teila would do such a thing." It wasn't custom for anyone else but the direct descendant of the High Priest or Priest to replace them. This would be the second time in 50,000 years this would happen. Koron shook his head in disappointment as his wife rested again. Even so, he wanted to send a messenger after Teila anyway, all the while not knowing where his daughter was. She should at least see her mother again before it's too late.

Two years pass.

"Emils! Get back here!" Teila yelled after her griffin as he took off to the sky. Teila quickly changed to her Wingling form and tailed him closely through the clouds...which was not an easy task as she had to cover herself as she flew. Apparently, Emils thought it would be funny to take her clothes as she was enjoying the warmth of a hot spring. Even during all the commotion, somehow Teila heard something come from the ground which made one of her slender, pointed ears perk. Emils heard it too and stopped mid air to see what was happening. Teila jumped on him, grabbing her clothes in the process. She mounted his back, changed back to Shroudling form, and got dressed. Emils was still focused on the ground, bringing her attention back to it as well.

The sound she had heard was Et'er and Snowy. They were growling at a man who had come up on their camp. Gen was in the bushes waiting to pounce him if he moved. "Emils! Let's go before they eat him." Teila said firmly. Emils quickly swooped back down to the ground between the leopards and the stranger. Teila slid off the griffin and took two steps toward the man. "Do you have business with my leopards or would you rather take it up with me? Be warned, I may be a threat to your life just as they are." Teila said as she summoned her sword from the gem it slept in. The messenger shrieked like a little girl, dropped to his knees, and cowered before Teila. "M-milady..." He said as he quivered in fear of her wrath. "I-I am n-noth-nothing but a humbbble mes-messsssenger s-sent to find you. You are Teila of the Silversongs and Silkwebs, a-are you not?" He quickly covered his head and awaited her reply. Teila retracted her weapon, wondering what exactly he had to say. "Stand messenger. I am Teila of Shroud and Wing. Tell me why you've traveled to find me." The messenger stood as he was told, removed his hat and started to speak. "I was sent by Koron Silversong to bring you news of your mother. You must return to the Silkweb tribe. She is on her deathbed." "W-what?" Teila exclaimed with a puzzled look on her face. "This is all I know." The messenger said. Teila jumped on Emils back but before they took off, she instructed Gen, Et'er, and Snowy to meet her at home. The three were strong and fast runners. More than likely they would be there at the same time she arrives with Emils. Without another word, Emils and her had taken off into the sky once more, leaving the messenger behind in a cloud of dust.

It wasn't before long when Emils and Teila set down in the old redwood that was her childhood home. Snowy, Gen, and Et'er quickly climbed up to greet Teila and try to comfort her concerns before she went in. Teila gently patted Gen, proceeded into her mother's home, and kneeled by the side of her mother's bed. She was still. Frighteningly still. Then Teila felt a hand on her shoulder and whipped around. "It's okay. She's resting." Her father said. "How did this happen?" Teila asked. "During a ritual she performed 3 years ago to banish any negativity in the forest, something backfired and gave her a fatal wound that would slowly kill her over time. It turned quickly after only one year then leveled off for the next 2...up until now. It's turned for the worst." "Father...wasn't there anything the healers could have done?" "No, Teila. Nobody new until it was too late."

It was then that Arañita began to stir a little, turned her head and extended her arm to take her daughter's hand. Teila kneeled by the bed once again, this time clasping her mother's cold hands. Teila hid her emotions well. Not a single tear or look of concern though inside she felt as though she had swallowed razors. Arañita smiled at her daughter. Too weak to speak aloud, she squeezed Teila's hand with hers that was scarred and mouthed the words "It's okay.  Be strong. I love you..." and closed her eyes again. The room filled with warm blue lights that sparkled and began to come over her mother's body. Soon, Arañita was surrounded and glowed with it. As the light faded, her body also disappeared leaving Teila and Koron alone...

"Koron..." Teila looked up then behind her toward the owner of the voice standing in the doorway. "Ah. Here you are." Koron said back. "Lillyn." Teila said a little shocked. "What's going on, Father? Why is my cousin here?" She questioned as she eyed the alternating amber and jet bead necklace Lillyn wore around her neck. Koron turned to his child. "Lillyn has just received the rights as High Priestess of the Silkweb tribe. We have reason to believe you would be a terrible threat to the community as well as other realms." Teila couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Wha-..." She looked at them with a very puzzled expression. "I don't understand. What do you mean? Why does my cousin have position of High Priestess?" "Teila, we know about your pact with the God, Nator. Because of it, I can no longer allow you to stay within the tribe. Leave and don't ever return." Lillyn commanded Teila. "Lillyn, what's wrong with you? Since when have you ever spoken to me like that? Father, this is wrong. I am the heiress to the position." Teila said almost desperately. She looked to her father for something. Anything.

A red flash from a magic attack hit Teila and the residual force caused things to explode out of the tree home...something heavy fell from the tree.

Teila screamed in pain from the blow administered by her cousin. Indeed she was much stronger than Teila had remembered. Such comes with the bestowing of the position of High Priestess. "Be gone!" Lillyn yelled casting a finger towards the door. Teila - too shocked to do anything or say anymore took about 5 steps before taking off in a full run. She jumped onto Emils back and in a tongue only her animals could understand, told them to return to the swamp. Snowy retrieved the previously fallen item and took off to join the rest on their return to the swamp...their new home.

Teila, hurt, betrayed, and angry tried her hardest not to cry as she rode on Emils back to the swamp. She couldn't understand why she could never return to the Silkweb tribe again...what pact with Nator? Emils turned his head and looked at her through the corner of his eye. He was concerned for her. Et'er, Gen, and Snowy followed close behind on the ground. Once back, Snowy hid the item he picked up for later...only to forget it was there.

The next three years were difficult for her, but she healed and moved on tending to the swamp and forest. Only leaving the swamp to visit The Great Library in the Shroudling City, keeping up with current events or to have a drink at the local tavern. Seldom visiting Solar as well over the years.

For the next 4134 years, Teila lived secluded in her swamp with her animals. Since then she has taken in 17 more cats along with her griffin and 3 leopards. The cats help her keep watch over her land. Rivers and streams flowed through her forest. The swamp creating the center of her home.

It was an afternoon during early summer when Gen came running through the forest to the swamp. There was a stranger in the forest. Most visitors are lost wanderers that need escorted out. Gen insisted that this one knew the way around. Teila used the reflection of the swamp water as a portal to where there visitor was. She reappeared inside of a drop of water dangling off of a leaf on a tree near the river. From there she looked for the wanderer. Gen pointed her out by hiding in the bushes and facing in that direction of the traveler. Teila looked again and spotted the traveler in the river.

She was about to portal over to another location when the water drop fell from the leaf to the ground returning Teila to her original form with a thud. "OW!" Teila yelled accidentally giving herself away. The chain of the amber pendant she wore snapped with the impact of her landing. The traveler stood out of the water and called out, "Who's there?" Teila slowly...painfully rose to her feet from behind the brush. The traveler's back was to Teila. Standing before her was a tall 6'5 ft. female figure with long black hair that draped down her bare her ankles? and slender pointed ears...A Shroudling? "Wha-..." Teila began. The traveler heard her and turned around. When she saw her standing there, she ducked back into the water to hide her nudity. So much for her bath. They were both embarrassed. It took Teila a second to realize that when the traveler turned, she noticed that her hair wasn't that long. That she had strange markings on her legs and a horse's tail! Well, of all things.

Teila picked up the pendant and discarded the broken chain. She then moved out of the brush and had a seat at the bank of the river. "Well, as long as you're stuck there, and I have your clothes, you want to tell me who you are?" Teila said as she pulled the skirt and top out of the bushes. She hesitated, then decided since it couldn't get any worse than it already was, she may as well introduce herself. "My name is Aydra. I am merely a Shroudling passing through." Teila looked at her with a raised brow. "Shroudling? Shroudlings don't have tails." Teila replied. "That is due to me being half Shroudling and half Centaur. Hence my name Centauri. In Shroudling form, my tail still remains." Teila found this to be intriguing and began thinking to herself. Just that little bit seemed to be a lot in common with her.

She decided this 'Aydra' is okay. Aydra spoke again, only the voice was closer this time since Aydra was so close to the bank now. "And with all do respect, if you think keeping my clothes from me will stop me from leaving. You're wrong." Teila didn't buy it. "So come out of the water then."  ...  Aydra didn't move nor did she say anything. She did blush though. "Yeah. That's what I thought." Teila set the clothes beside her, turned around and waited for Aydra to leave the water and dress. When she was finished, Aydra sat next to Teila on the river bank. First silence and glance exchanges. Then conversation. Teila and Aydra got along instantly as they talked until sundown that night exchanging all kinds of information. Gen was a little confused as to what just happened but just decided to relax. Gen felt no threat coming from the traveler and went back to the swamp. Teila and Aydra retreated back to the swamp as well in order to escape the chill from the river. There was a fire back at the camp keeping things warm. It gave them a chance to talk more comfortably. Besides, Aydra wanted to introduce Teila to her friends so they decided to go to the city together in the morning.

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