Character Details - Rania Kapek - Cagliostro version

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Two separate characters, one a courtesan, the other a Cappadoccian vampire. This description is for the woman at the Cagliostro.

Rania is five foot ten and slim, with olive skin, brown eyes and waist-length black hair. Her skin is completely flawless, not a mole or a scratch anywhere. She appears to be in her early twenties, though she may be a little older.

Rania was born poor, and she and her brother Davyd found themselves on their own at an early age. Determined to survive, their loyalty, determination, intelligence, and beauty saw them prosper. Rania became a prostitute, working her way steadily upwards, changing her identity when necessary, until she became one of Devil's Hook's most notorious and desirable courtesans.

Her brother's mysterious disappearance has been hard for her to take, and she has not let anyone get close to her since.

Rania is, on the surface, charming, witty, and engaging. Her appeal is just as much due to her intelligence, humour, and acting skills as it is her beauty. She does take genuine delight in wit and intelligence in others - a rare commodity in her trade.

Underneath, she is careful and calculating. Pretty much everything she does is deliberate, the effect weighed up in advance. She knows what she wants and how to get it. The driving force in her life is financial independence - she is determined never to be poor again. She has come, though, to rather enjoy her personal independence as well, something she would be loathe to give up, even for a rich husband.

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Queen Rania of Jordan