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Age;  Ageless

Appearance: 6'

Eyes: Very from Blue to Gray

Hair: Varies from black to White  Depends on how he is appearing in the story.

Weapon:  You've go to be kidding.  He has no need for weapons.

A brief history:

The Merlin we hear of in the stories of Terra fell for a young woman by the name of Nimue and of course there was the Lady of the Lake.  But let’s not get these ladies confused with those of the Merlin of our world.

Now the Merlin of this world did have a wife or two or three.  Of certain we are that he had one.  She was a sorceress with skills that she felt were stronger than anyone.  Even the one named Merlin.  She had set out to meet him and challenge him and his abilities.  But Merlin being who he was disguised himself and set out to met her first.  He showed up in the village where she lived posing as a mage of some caliber looking for a position within her household.  For you see she ran an academy that taught gifted men and woman in the arts of magic.


To keep this tale short let us suffice to say that he got the job and it wasn’t long before he was her assistant.  She found herself quite smitten by the man.  He always seemed to know exactly what she needed when she needed it and she was never without his assistances.


Once he was sure that he had totally won her heart he made his move.  Now realize here, she had won his heart too.   He invited her to his apartment where he had prepared a meal, the candles were lit, the table set and he was in his finery.  The finery that only Merlin wore.  He was dress in black.  Yes, this Merlin wore only black.  The shirt with ruffles that were edged with gold.  He waited with a rose in his hand and when she knocked on the door he let it open of it own accord.  She stood framed in the doorway, dressed in white that let the light shine through.  If he could have spoke he would have said she was a vision to behold.  But for once Merlin was speechless.


She in turn was in shock.  For the man standing in that room was not the assistant that she had hired but Merlin himself.  At first anger flared across her face.  She had been bested and she knew it in that instant.  Then she started to laugh.  Silently at first and then it just flowed out.  

“Merlin, Merlin, how could you?  You rogue.  You fooled me…me, the greatest sorceress there ever has been.  Me, Lucretia, the best.

“That’s just it Lucretia, you are the best sorceress.  But, I my dear, as you must be aware by now, I am more than a sorcerer, more than a human, yet not a god.  But a being whose heart has been stolen by you.  Will you enter, have dinner with me and share this evening?” 

The answer was yes of course.  Lucretia, not only spent the evening, she spent the night and months later they was a wedding like no other.

What became of Lucretia.  Time plays it’s melody and melodies do end as it did with Lucretia.  Merlin mourned for several centuries till loneliness reached out and grabbed him

Were there children?  No one knows.   It had been said that Merlin could have no children because of who he was.  Oh, there is rumor that there was Silva Merlin, a son of Merlin.  But the lineage could never be followed.  It was said he looked just like his father.   Silva  took a wife, a young woman by the name of Cryssi.  He also is said to have had an affair with a fae, coincidently by the name of Nimue before he meet Cryssi. 

So how is Aspen Silva’s daughter, only the fae who was Silva’s lover would be able to tell you.  Somehow she did conceive and it was with Merlin.  A story in itself.

As for Willow.  Willow is a creation of magic and love.  The last woman that Silva is rumored to have loved to no end was Cyssi.  A human of Terra.  She could not have children.  So Silva ( or was it Merlin) who’s father  had created a world created a daughter for his wife.  He took that tiny inkling of magic and love and placed it in the womb of his wife.  They knew it might not work, but what Merlin wanted was the child to have the human form of his wife.  And the magic took and Willow slipped into the world a being unlike any other. The only thing that Merlin or Silva hadn’t expected was because she was created out of love only love would hold her together.  And hate could destroy.  But that is a story been written now.

Now Silva is still about, caring for a world touched by dark magic.  Cryssi has passed on.  And where is Merlin? Or is Silva Merlin?   

Only the storywriters know.

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