Character Details - Bahamat

Written by TamCreated : 25-Jan-2005 8:37:34 am
Last Edited : 25-Jan-2005 9:00:01 am

Bahamat is the god of good dragon kind.

He is also the keeper of wandering baby dragons, thus trying to teach and keep them safe from the harms that wandering baby dragons can encounter.

In his human form, he looks like a tallĀ oriental man of agelessness. Always he has a walking stick and a pouch full of "nummies", but other than that he looks as he needs to for when ever and where ever the little dragons have gone.

In his dragon form, he is an ancientĀ platinum dragon ~360 ft longĀ with a 720 ft wingspan. Yes he isĀ a BIGĀ dragon.Ā

So usually he is in his Human form. Just so he fits in places that baby dragons wander.

He also has seven canaries fluttering about him. Those in reality are seven ancient gold dragons who attend him. Sometimes there are seven canaries but alway there is at least one, somewhere around him.

He is not nice when he is angry so.......

But most of the time he is even tempered and jovial, loving of good food and good jokes. (hence the avatar *eg*)

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Takeshi Kaga