Character Details - S'araia

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Name: Searlait Tel'Quessir Siel'Crai Piares, more commonly known as S'Araia Piares

Age: 1109 ( as of BloodMoon Rising)

Apparent Age: late 20's

Height: 5'6"

Eyes: Blue, like an Ingraleis Sky

Hair: Light brown, long, often in her eyes

Identifying Marks: two scars on her wrists, one for each of her lost daughters

Clothing: Loose trousers, white blouse, guard tunic

Personal Items Usually Carried: Locket with pictures of her daughters, rapier

Personality: Fiercely protective of her charges, S'Araia will do anything to prevent her daughters' fate happening to any of the Princesses.  She is especially fond of Laire and Alasse.

Occupation: Captain of the Ingraleis Guard

History:  S'Araia is also a cousin to Kaelan and Brianna, though they do not know it.  Her mother was disowned upon her marriage, and S'Araia, then known as Searlait, is listed as deceased in the records. 

S'Araia herself had married and had twin daughters, but her husband and the girls were killed during Auriana's reign.  Since then, S'Araia has devoted herself to Kaelan and Brianna, and their children.  Her life's work has been to keep them safe and to prevent Auriana's return to the crown.

Only one other knows her past and her relationship to the crown, and that is her co-captain, Natiel.  Natiel is also her best friend and 'Raia has long suspected that he is more than what he appears.  Of course, there are other feelings there, but she suppresses them, believing that if she lets them out, it will put him into danger, as everyone she's ever loved has been taken from her, suddenly and brutally.

During Return of the Queen, her relationship to the family becomes known, but is not widely discussed outside the family.

Marital status: Widow

Children: Rileigh and Rowena, both deceased

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