Character Details - Little Flute

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Physical description
Height : 3 feet
Weight : 30 pounds
Build : Small
Hair : Curly brown
Eyes : Big Hazel Brown
Age : 5
Physical Marking : None
Dressing : Dress. Goes around barefooted
Pet : Blue cat known as Piccolo.
Note : Bounces instead of walking

Special Abilities
Ability to communicate with plants.


Flute’s father is a human and was chosen as the human Keeper of dryads by Flute’s mother who is a dryad herself.

As a half-dryad, Flute is able to communicate with trees. When Flute was five years old, her mother passed away. Her father, whose life span was linked to her mother’s also passed away.

At one of her birthday celebrations, Flute received a pet blue cat from Ghetsuhm. The cat was named Piccolo by Galain. Flute has a strange ability to understand what Piccolo wants.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Karle Warren