Character Details - Flute Aslora

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Physical description
Height : 5 feet
Weight : 97 pounds
Build : Petite
Hair : Wavy Light brown
Eyes : Hazel Brown.
Age : 19
Scent : Fresh green leaves with underlying blend of lilies and wildflowers
Dressing : Usually dressed in short-sleeved shirt with skirt. Usually goes around barefooted
Accessories : A small acorn tied in place by a velvet cord around her neck
Piercings : On the navel
Scars : A circular scar on her right palm and a round scar at the back of her right thign made by a bull during a Day of the Dead celebration
Martial Status : Single. Was betrothed to Lantry Urdrul but the couple later drifted apart

Special Abilities
Ability to communicate with trees and able to "encourage" them to do her will. Does not portal but is able to travel to any place that has trees by fusing herself into the heart of a tree. Currently, Flute does not have any other dryadic features.

Flute’s father is a human and was chosen as the human Keeper of dryads by Flute’s mother who is a dryad herself.
By the hands of her parents, an oakling was put to the ground. This oak is bonded to Flute

As a half-dryad, Flute is able to communicate with trees. When Flute was five years old, her mother passed away. Her father, whose life span was linked to her mother’s also passed away.

After her parents died, Flute wandered the forest. When she was seven years old, the dryads sent Flute through a portal into another world where she was groomed to take over her father's place as the Keeper of the dryads. This took twelve years of her life after which she was sent back to her world to the moment just after she left.

Revisiting her favourite haunts as a child, Flute met Lantry. The couple grew close and at Y'roden and Sliverthorn's wedding, Lantry proposed to Flute. The couple was preparing for their own wedding when duty called to Flute. Flute left without a word to Lantry. Unable to face Lantry, Flute did not return. The couple later drifted apart.

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