Character Details - Taylie

Written by Justin RainCreated : 22-Jan-2005 1:53:15 pm
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Height;  5'7"

Hair; Brunnette

Eyes; Green

Age;  28

Jewelry;  Red Ruby pendant always around neck

Distinguishing Features;  Freckles on her face and arms

Weapon;   Taylie would actually prefer to use the sawed off shot gun her father gave her when she turned sixteen.  Its rather impractical to carry around however.  So as a compromise for her safety she wears a concealed weapon inside her pants.  It is something one will probably never know is there and is treated with intense care.  

Smell;  Fresh mowed hay, lilaces, and vine ripened tomatoes. 


A human from 21st century earth northern Canada. Her Terra is slightly altered from the version we live in.   Canada has severed ties with Britain and has a close treaty with the U.S.     She has strong kinetic and mild telepathic powers.   She can communicate mind to mind if the other mind is open, but is unable to read other peoples minds unless the words on the very surface of their mind.   Although is reluctant to use them as it will cause her to be seen as a "freak"

Parents are deceased, although she has a younger brother who she's lost track of for the most part.  She has had several part time jobs, but doesn't have to have a job due to a good-sized inheritance from her parents.  Mostly she likes to travel and explore.   And is looking for the perfect job or nich.

Taylie has explored many worlds.  Catheska, Whispin, bits of Berelath, and Garden.  None of them have made her feel at home, and only have added to her struggles to figure out who she was.

She just recently had Jax die when she told him she couldn't promise a relationship with him.  She's refusing to deal with the ramifications of it all.   And is possibly on the way to a breaking point. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Evangaline Lilly