Character Details - David Edeyo

Written by Justin RainCreated : 19-Jan-2005 10:19:07 pm
Last Edited : 16-Jan-2006 8:14:04 pm

Basic Characteristics

Height: 3' 6"
Hair: Flaming Red
Eyes: Icy Blue
Age: 2000 or so
Distinguishing marks: Rainbow colored wings which are always visible.

Jewelry: None at this time

Children:  He is currently expecting his first child a daughter. 

Soul Color;   his soul is irridescant rainbow colors, with strong hints of green and gold mingled. 

David is pure pixie. He is son to Kerrigan rain.   although he wears his mothers maiden name.  He does this to honor her father who died along with his daughter while protecting those who escaped to Ceas.   This is the way the pixies maintain that each family line is carried on.   He chose not to go to Garden when the original move was made.  Instead he stayed behind in Ireland with the other familys who chose to stay in their ancesterol home.  This choice was a poor one and home rapidly became endangered.   Eventually Brandon Urdrul and others came and destroyed the last safe haven.  They were forced to open a portal which sent them to a desert world which they named Ceas their word for hell.    The world was inhospitable and made for hard living.

Eventually G'den with the help of others was able to find them and bring them to Garden.  The adjustment there has been a difficult one as they are not used to the atmosphere of peace acquired on Garden.

As a result most of the returnees are restless spirits and have a hard time fitting in.

David is usually seen carrying a sling shot, a Irish flute. And items such as a eight year old boy would carry. With the exception of several daggers secreted on his person.

He typically has a world-owes-me attitude and can be a royal pain in the neck. But even so would not purposely hurt anyone as that is contrary to his nature.

David has made the very recent choice to grow up.  It is an effort to leave grief behind him.   He now appears to be about 16 of age.   This was prompted by Lani a felinumeara who wasn't afraid to confront him.    Lani caused his heart to stir for the first time in millenia, and he has now bonded with her, and she is carrying his firstborn.    Time will tell how he continues to grow. 

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Eric Stoltz