Character Details - Cathriel

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Cathriel is a weretiger. She was born a weretiger, and as such her shape changing is not a curse, and she does not go berserk and kill people under the light of a full moon. her half tiger, half human form is her true form, though most of the time she travels in human form

Human form description:
Appears to be in her early 20s, 5’6”, with long red hair, bright green eyes, usually dressed in loose clothing, obviously designed for a larger body than the one she has in this form, held in place by a belt.

True form description
In her true form she is a foot taller, covered in orange fur with black stripes. face looks more cat like. still has the same red hair and green eyes. in other words, she looks half human, half tiger. the clothes which were loose before now fit properly

Cathriel also has a full tiger form, which looks like your average orange tiger with black stripes.

She has the ability to change from any of her three forms to any other form at will. The exceptions to this ability are during the night of a full moon, as well as the night before and the night after, during which she is forced to abandon her human disguise and return to her true form. but because this is her true form, her personality does not change, and she is no more likely to hurt someone at these times than at any other time. The other exception is if she is injured, or scared, in which case she will return to her true form automatically as an instinctive defense mechanism.
Cathriel has also learned to use partial shape shifting, so she can use her claws while in human form. She also uses a trick of shifting her eyes from human eyes to cat’s eyes and back, a quick shift which she might use to warn troublemakers that she is not what she appears to be.
Her other abilities include a natural ability to heal almost instantly from any injury that is not caused by magic or silver. She also has heightened senses, especially hearing and smell. Her senses are above human level when in her human form, and even stronger in her true form. In any form she has near perfect night vision.
The one ability she has that she is careful to never use is the ability to change other people into the more monster like version of were tiger by biting them in either her true form or her full tiger form. Knowing this can happen, and that the result tends to make her people look bad, she is always very careful never to bite anyone or anything she does not intend to kill.

No matter which form she is in, Cathriel is usually a polite, friendly person, and tries to get along with other people, as long as she is not threatened.

Speach note: when Cathriel talks, she rolls her r's, almost making her sound like she is purring when she talks. (she says her own name as Cathrrriel)

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