Character Details - Chesterfield the First

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- Name: Chesterfield the First

- Age: Ancient

- Height: Sitting 1’6”

- Weight or Build: 6 lbs slim build, muscular, swift

- Hair Colour: Midnight Black

- Eye Colour: Smoke Emerald Green

- Race: Earthkin

- Identifying Marks, if any: Small link chain around neck holding a faded brass disk.

- Abilities: Chesterfield is a creature that is tied to the earth, keeping things growing, making sure the pond water stays fresh, not overgrown with weeds nor moss. An Elemental creature that is the guardian of the estate where now sits Black Rose Manor. A cat by any normal means except this one is special, for he has the wings of a bird, ears the shape of small black horns that rest wide on his head and a long tail that he uses for a number of things. A being of myth and legends he is now the only servant the manor needs.   

- Personality: A bit stuffy, arrogant, uppity. By any rights his actions and voice are that of an English butler, a man’s man, with an attitude.

- History:

Chesterfield was there long before man ever came to the valley that the hanging cliff overlooked. He was there when man first came from the seas edge to break ground, to make a home for him and his ever growing family. They broke the ground which pained him dearly, dug wells for water where there was no need for one, for the area had its own fresh water by the way of ponds that were always teaming with life.

Standing high on the hanging cliff overlooking the mans progress he watched the large stone that sat near the edge of the cliff weep, tears of sorrow fell while the earth was tore and dug into. His feelings hurt to see the stone weep so he went down to talk to the man, to explain what he was doing to the earth, to him and the land around him.

He watched the man toil, pulling stones from the earth and carrying them back to build fences and a strong foundation for a home working sometimes late at night with nothing more than an oil lantern and one candle.

He found that the man had little, nothing more than a dirt farmer that had become lost, stumbling up from the beach onto his land with no more than a few tools, an old plow horse, a milk cow and a wife who was due to give birth any moment. He explained to the man, telling him of the pain the land was feeling. The man in turn knew of the old ways and told the Earthkin that he had no where else to go, that the earth would provide for him and his family, like it has for all the creatures that lived there. He asked the Earthkin to stay to share what meal he had left.


“When he had naught but hard bread and warm milk did he share with me,” Chesterfield would say, “for that I let him stay, helped his crops sprout and family grow while I was given a home over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and food when the need ever arisen. We made a pact, that so long as there is someone to care for me, I will always be there to assist. But once the family legacy ended the land would once again slowly return back to normal, never to be disturbed again."

Since the time the family has passed, or moved away. Now  he has been traveling to other places, other worlds, seeking a new home, a new family.






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