Character Details - Brandon Urdrul

Written by GalainCreated : 17-Jan-2005 1:58:25 pm
Last Edited : 20-Jan-2005 2:13:32 pm

Brandon is the fifth son born to Hunter and Mercy Urdrul. He is six-four, black-haired and blue-eyed. He is possessed of the same sensual nature as Conor, but he has acted upon it. He has a bondmate somewhere, but that person's name and identity is lost to Brandon as he pursues his own life's agenda.

Brandon is a dark soul who never liked living in the Valley, never quite cared for his family and who was quick to leave first the Valley and then Berelath itself to seek his future and slake his thirst for power and pleasure.

He can be very innocent at times. It's simply part of his upbringing and he learns quickly.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

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