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Written by LBP, or "Bob the Cat"Created : 16-Jan-2005 11:24:18 pm
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Were-snow leopard
I grew up, thinking I was just a normal person. Sure, I was always big for my age, but my parents always said that ran in the family. Mom was one of those blonde Siberian ladies, whose ancestors had been Viking settlers along the northern coast. Father was of Egyptian extraction, tall, slender, and dark. He had been a guide and big game hunter before he married Mom and retired. Not exactly the sort of people everyone else has for parents, but they acted pretty much like the normal Ozzie and Harriet American couple. Mom puttered around the house, cleaning and cooking my favorite meals; Father worked as a handler at the local city zoo, assisting the veternary staff with the big cats. He'd come home, relax, we'd chat and play games, Mom would serve dinner, and we'd eventually settle in to sleep. Sure, we didn't have a TV when everyone else did; but Father said we didn't need one. I didn't know I was a Bastet until after I finished med school and had my own little practice in the inner city clinic. My parents never told me. They had hoped I would never go through the Change, after what happened when I was a baby. Now I know, and I'm still getting used to the idea. Things like this change your whole world view. It can even ruin your entire day, if you let it get to you. Good thing I tend to be a bit more laid back; though I admit it was a serious shock at first.

Hobbies. Sleeping, hunting, fishing, batting at the big screen TV, watching nature programs,...... chasing my tail.

I am the ancient form of Bastet, a Khara, the sabertooth version of a snowleopard. I am huge in all my forms, with five stages of transformation. I can be fully feline, the HUGE sabertooth form, crinos, almost human, and human.

In my human form, I am 7ft. tall, muscular, blond, trim and relaxed. I am a patient man, using my tolerance well in tending to those I help heal.

In my favored form - the HUGE sabertoothed snowleopard, I am big enough that in heavy snow, people mistake me for a hill. Until they see my bright blue eyes.

All the other forms reveal varying amounts of feline/human features, with snowleopard coloration. See the image below? It is the five forms of a TYPICAL Bastet. For me, drop the Feline and replace it with the current Chatro, double the size of the Chatro, enlarge the Crinos and the Sokto. Add saber teeth to the new Feline, the Crinos, and the Sokto.

That should help.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Clipart from the web of a snow leopard's face