Character Details - Velkyn Drow Elf/Velkyn Kenafin/Velkyn Olath Velve

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Velkyn Drow Elf
Hello, Vendui', Suilad I call myself a Soldier of Fortune, but I am not exactly that. I'm not really anything yet; but I have time to grow. You never know what you'll become, given time. Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm a Drow; and I already know a lot of magic. But, I'm not evil, really. I'd have to grow a lot to manage that. And I don't know if I'll get the chance.

Most people think of the Drow as being primitive, evil, matriarchal beings. Well, yes, we are, in a way. However, our grasp of dimensional magics has also given us a grasp of the greater technologies to which we have become exposed. You see, in our dabblings, we have inadvertantly discovered other civilizations, and incorporated much of their knowledge and wisdom into our own teachings. Of course, we have to interpret what we find to the best of our own understanding; which sometimes yeilds interesting effects and outcomes.
No, we do not have spaceships; there is no place in the Underdark for such; but we also have no need for those bulky, resource-swallowing machines. We travel the distances between the stars the same way we travel the distances between our vast cities, through the dimensional folds we create, and with our Spelljammer ships, which we can keep on the Underdark seas. I think it would suprise our surface cousins to learn of all the worlds we have gone to, and all the places we have begun to colonize. There are places out among the stars that have never heard of Elves, but do know the Drow. Not all of us are so consummed with hatred for our cousins as to be blinded to the greater possiblities poised by these opportunities.
We are not all out to regain the Surface World we were denied by our cousins, not when we may easily travel to worlds which our more ignorant cousins know nothing of. They may frolick and play like the grasshoppers, while we work and delve like the ants; but it is we who will reap the benefits of our labors, not they. True, only the strong and clever survive, but that is because they strive to succeed. No Drow ever gets lazy or complacent; that way leads to weakness and death. I may be young yet, but already I have learned much of the how and why of our world, more than most Darthiir, Surface Elves, my age ever even imagine. This is necessary, because there is so much more to learn, here in the Underdark.
Does that make me Evil? I do not think so. Consummed with the desire for knowledge, filled with the will to survive, yes. But to say that the desire for knowledge is Evil, is foolish. Yet, ages ago, that is what our cousins on the Surface said, that our consuming desire for knowledge was Evil, and that we ought to cease our quest for enlightenment. We refused, and they took this as proof of our Evil natures, making wars against us, driving us below, where they thought we would die. Instead of dying, we turned our quest for knowledge to our advantage, and not only survived, but thrived, carving out realms the likes of which our surface cousins could never imagine. Now, when they rediscover us, in our cities, they call us Evil, and despise us for all we have accomplished on our own, without their input. We are not detered from our goals by this attitude, though it does become grating after a while. Instead, we see it as another reason to continue our efforts, to extend our knowledge and understanding, and our presence to the fartherest reaches we can manage, before the limited scope of our cousins' comprehension leads them to try to extinguish us all. Viewed from this perspective, you tell me, which of us is Evil?
Yes, welcome to the Underdark, where creatures from the realms of nightmares live, where races and civilizations beyond anything you Surface people have ever known dwell, where whole ecosystems exsist and thrive in the absense of sunlight, where the Drow in our vast cities hold sway, using magicks and powers that lie beyond your imaginations. Welcome to the Underdark.

Well, I'll bet that wasn't a viewpoint you'd expected to hear from a Drow. But then, most of the Drow you've met before were either war parties up for a raid, or outcasts trying to escape to the easier life on the Surface. Interesting, how so many are willing to believe the horror stories of these outcasts. Of course they want you to think we are all monstrously evil, and that they are fleeing our way of life. But think a minute: if what they say is true, then what did they do that was so much worse that we had to make them outcasts? Why, if we are that terrible, would we let them live at all, to escape in the first place? Doesn't it make more sense that we'd have slain them, if we really were the way they tell you we are? But what do I know, I'm only two years old right now.

I don't think your eyes can see what I see in the darkness; I have vision that allows me to see the temperature variations of things in great detail, and the magical eminations of items, spells, and those magical beings often encountered in the Underdark. I can probably see better in the darkness of my home than you could see on a bright clear day Above. My vision tells me more about things I look at than yours does. Yet, given the chance to adjust my sight, I can see in the light as well as you; maybe better.

Empty? No, my room isn't empty. There's a chair, a bed, and a chest to keep my things in. When I get older, if I get older, I'll be given a desk, where I'll do my studies until I get sent away to the Academies. What more would I want in a room? The fact that I am the only one living in this room is a luxury in itself. But then, my mother, Priestess/Matron Jesera, wanted to keep me hidden from everyone else for a time. I guess she had her reasons for it.

What's in the chest? Just some more clothing, another blanket, and my toys, when I am not playing with them. Yes, I have toys. I have a Drowdoll, with his magus robes and his tunic and armor; a stuffed leather Underdark bat, and a stuffed cave lizard. The Drowdoll is just about my size, so the many-pocketed robes and the tunic and leather armor for it will also fit me. I often play by dressing it up in one set of clothes, and dressing myself in the other, then I magically animate it so we can play. But I never let my mother, Matron Jesera see me animating the doll; I'm not too sure she'd like that. It's even more fun when my blue dragon friend, Azure d'Argent comes over to play; then we animate all three of my toys, and play games, and act out parts of the stories he tells me of the Surface world, Above. He's promised me that one day, he'll adventure with me, and we'll go there. But for now, I'm too little.

Oh, that? It's just the small practice blade I use when Captain Gryzztssi of the Household Guard comes to train me. Yes, I'm only two years old and barely come up to his knees, so what? You think that's too young to begin learning to handle a weapon? If I don't start now, I may not live to get old enough. He's been teaching me since I got old enough to walk around by myself. The day he saw I could stand up and walk across my room without falling down, was the day he gave me that practice blade. I have heard him tell others how amazing my dexterity is for one so young; a pity I am yet too weak to actually begin real training. That's not supposed to happen until I turn twenty. Oh, that's the phosphorescent chalk I was given to practice my magical inscriptions with; though I think it's more useful to make nice pictures on the walls. Yes, I am already learning magic, too; although my speach impediment makes the spoken parts of spells very difficult to do. Well, some of the magic I am learning is from the various magus schools of thought, and some of it has been from the Temple's clerical schools. I know it seems strange to you, but Drow begin learning as soon as possible. Of course, being a boy, I normally wouldn't be learning the spells yet; and definately not the Temple's clerical spells; those are meant for the girls to learn. But, Matron wanted me to overcome my speach impediment and reach my full potential; so she has accellerated all of my learning, hoping that when I do, if I do, get old enough to attend the Academies, I will have enough of an edge to do well and bring honor to the House Kenafin.

You know, not many Drow boys get to live at all. If I get to, I'll probably have to choose between learning magic, and learning swordplay. Too bad; I already "know" a lot of magic, and I like playing soldier, too. I don't want to have to give up one for the other; but I might have to. Ilharessen zhaunil alurl, "Matrons know best." But, do they always? Shhhhhh! Don't tell them I said that!

One of my friends from home, most there call him Emirkol. He's older than me, but we still play together. His name is really long, and kind of hard to say, so I just call him Azure d'Argent. He always laughs, and says he ought to call me Black of Shadows. He's been teaching me some magic when my Mother isn't around. He says when I start traveling on my own, he'll accompany me. But, that'll be a while yet, since I'm only two; and only 18 to 24 inches tall yet. Like I said, I have to grow a lot to become much of anything.

Lately, I have been adopted by Matron Tarshawn, or DragonGrin, and her consort, Evanacmal Phoenix. I have had some adventures, both in the Underdark, and on the Surface, have been named her Firstboy(!), and have three eggsiblings. I have discovered some hidden powers, of non-magical sort, and am still trying to overcome my stuttering problem. I find I can speak to animals and Dragons without too much problem, but to people,..... I prefer the Drow silent speech, a sort of signlanuage using hand, facial, and body language. I have been learning some of the Surface languages, and speak a little Draconic now.

Another friend of mine is Isembard. I have known him most of my 2 to 3 years of life. My True Patron introduced us.

For now, I am small and learning, wanting to explore, yet still paranoid and aware of my vulnerability. So, try not to trip over me, and I won't feel I have to slash your kneecaps.

Velkyn was small, about 18 to 24 inches tall. He was young, 2 to 3 years old, and somewhat shy. He stutters, unless speaking in Draconic, or to animals; so he tends to use the Drow silent speech, a type of sign language using hand, face, and body language to communicate even complex concepts. Surface Common was one language he was still learning to understand.

He is a Drow, which is a type of Elf, normally evil, who were driven deep below the surface world ages ago. His skin is a deep blue-black, his eyes are amber (adapted to see in total darkness, or in light), his hair is silvery white. Teeth are white, gums are deep purple. Fingers are long and slender. Very agile, dexterous (ambidexterity is one of his traits), quick, and quiet. Sensitive hearing, smell, and other senses, seeing in infra-red, ultra-violet, and full-spectrum.

He uses magic, psionics, and blade weapons (small ones due to size). He tends to carry at least one stuffy(stuffed animal) and/or his drowdoll with him at all times; these may be animated if needed.

A grey gelding pony, called Silverstreak, is his mount.

Adoptive parents are Matron Tarshwan (DragonGrin) and Evanacmal.

Isembard was his Defender.

Galain, or 'Lain, is an Abbil; an ally.

Azure d'Argent, or Emirkol(DragonGrin's sibling) is his friend, childhood playmate, confidant,........etc.

To update:
Velkyn has grown, standing now a proud 20 inches tall. He has also gained some confidence, and is a bit more fluent in Surface Common, though he still stutters as noted above. His skills with the small blade weapons he uses in both hands have grown remarkably, in part due to his own natural abilities and ambidexterity, and in part due to the training and encouragement he has recieved from his adoptive father, Evanacmal. His naturally powerful magical and psionic skills have already grown beyond the scope of those sent to train him in their usage; though his own comprehension is yet that of a young child. He has had many adventures with his adoptive Matron Tarshawn(DragonGrin), as well as with others she expressly trusts -- like Abbil 'Lain. These have aided his confidence and his grasp of Surface Common; though again his grasp of concepts remains that of a child his age (think two to three Human years old and you're close). Expect questions and odd viewpoints on things most others take for granted; remember his home is far, far below the surface of the world; many things are still new to him. Velkyn still tends to look and listen and explore, rather than being chatty; he learns via observation and has always been rather quiet due to his speech impediment(barely noticed among other Drow, as he then uses the Drow Silent Speech).

One more thing: Velkyn now has a lovely, large black Hellcat as a companion, in addition to the pony and the stuffies.
Almost forgot-- Velkyn currently has a young, very small, dragonling. She's bluish-gold, and the child of Matron Tarshawn (DragonGrin) and either Evanacmal or........ Some rather large male gold dragon (Gareth?). Velkyn has been asked to watch over her as he takes her to visit..... other family members on the Surface. So, in essence, she's his baby sister; only by adoption -- Velkyn's adoption by DragonGrin/Matron Tarshawn. Which, in Draconic, makes Velkyn the "brother-not" of the little one.

Further update:
Velkyn is now a teenager among the Drow (which is much older, being Elven than it is for a Human), and has become the House Wizard of Olath Velve. His size and skills have grown, as he now stands roughly 4' 10" tall. He is slender and muscular, with a few faint battle scars visible. Velkyn no longer carries his stuffies - they are permanently animated and respond to his will. He has mastered the fluid use of psionics, magic, and physical combat as one combined technique, making him an opponent to be feared. On his many adventures outside the Underdark, his skills as a ranger have also grown, as he has gained an affinity with the forests, overcome the Drow fear of deep water, learned to swim and sail, and mastered almost every school of magic.

On one such series of adventures, Velkyn met Jallarzi, who has become his current love.">>

Velkyn started as Velkyn Kenafin; got adopted into House Olath Velve, so properly, he's known as Velkyn of Olath Velve.

Further update:

Velkyn has extended his adventuring offworld, traveling through space on a SpellJammer ship - a magical vessel that sails the spaceways, traversing the voids between worlds and star systems.

The exposure to radiations normally never known to most Drow has awakened otherwise latent genetic coding; bringing to the forefront previously unknown abilities, and explaining the origins of Velkyn’s unusual psionic abilities.

At some point in his otherwise pure Drow heritage, an ancestor mated with an Underdark Lake Dragon, bequeathing the linage with traits and abilities known only to the little-known dragon-type. The lengthy and repeated exposures to unshielded cosmic radiation Velkyn’s adventures aboard the SpellJammer Jester’s Coat have left him with, triggered alterations within his genetics, bringing more of the ULD’s traits and abilities into play.

As Velkyn has begun discovering these alterations within himself, he has established a hidden base of operations on ArenaWorld, under the guise of setting up a branch of House Kenafin.

Thus far, only he is aware of these changes within himself; but how much longer can he keep them hidden from the woman he loves - who is herself half Sea-Elf, and thus semi-aquatic?

Is he destined to become an Underdark Lake Dragon, or will these traits remain hidden, surfacing as temporary anomalies from time to time?

Cosmetically, this means Velkyn now has developed very fine, tiny midnight blue-black scales, and functional gills when he is in water. His gills appear on his flanks whenever he enters water deep enough.

Ability-wise, Velkyn is still a powerful mage, a psionicist, and a warrior - who can also deliver a powerful electrical jolt. He is developing the draconic version of telepathy - he can hear and communicate via thoughts to dragons. He is also developing the bioluminescent patches of a ULD; used for defense, communication, and mating displays. He can also deliver a sonic attack - a dragon’s roar - when cornered, and call on any nearby dragons for aid if needed. He has the innate illusion-generating powers of a ULD, used for camouflage; which enables him to hide his outward changes from those around him. But his draconic heritage has also left him with an unnaturally long - for a Drow - lifespan, with very slow aging. His scent is also changing, gaining traces of the "ozone" smell most ULD’s have, along with hints of damp stones. Electrical attacks no longer have any effect against him, and radiation is now deflected by the fine, tiny scales covering his body. Those scales also act as light body armor, deflecting blades, missiles, and contact poisons. However, periodically, Velkyn sheds his scales - exposing a new layer of fresh scales, glistening beneath.

Thus far, Velkyn has hidden these changes, as he seeks to unravel the mystery of why he is changing. He tends to remain covered, wearing more clothing than most Drow tend to, or wearing his armor. On the upside, the stutter he was born with has vanished, though he still uses spells of his own devising which require no somatic (verbal) components. He no longer need fear drowning, as he can now breathe water; and he is never unarmed, as he can produce powerful electrical jolts as a natural part of his body’s functioning. But, he now finds that he must spend periods of time within water - something he covers by joining his beloved wife in her aquatic realm, or within the linked pools he has established for her in his Household on ArenaWorld. Soon, he knows, he will have to tell her what is happening to himself - hopefully not before he has figured out why it is happening.

Velkyn’s current quest is actually for information - what is he becoming, and why?

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