Character Details - Milo Dardragon

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Milo Dardragon and Tipit
Milo Dardragon is a Halfling (Hin) from the world of Abeir-Toril, contenent Faerun, Western Wastelands. Born in the village of Corm Orp, Milo grew up learning to ride before he learned to walk. His family is of the Lightfoot Clan, making them rather nomadic adventursome folk. Gregarious and outgoing, Milo is an incorigible flirt with the ladies - ANY lady - all of which he'll claim is a religious freedom.

Since he follows both Yondalla and Lliira, he's right.

Milo has black hair, black eyes, a tatoo under his left eye (cheekbone area), and is 2ft. 6 in. tall, weighing in at 32lbs. at 20 years old. He is slender of build, yet strong for his size and race. Highly dexterous, like most of his people, Milo applies his skills towards survival as an opportunistic adventurer. Like most of his race, Milo is a good-hearted soul, with a somewhat chaotic nature bounded by his sense of honor and familial/racial loyalty.

Brave despite his size, Milo has no qualms about fighting for what he sees as right - but prefers to use his stealth and skills to obtain the things he requires.

Some folks say Milo is a thief. Milo doesn't agree. He sees himself as an opportunist adventurer. He doesn't steal things to hurt others or to make a profit - he just uses the opportunities life throws his way to better his survival.

Milo sees life as being an adventure to be enjoyed - comfort and pleasure are of greater value than wealth.


Tipit is a great dane (type of dog) that Milo rides. The dog is trained as a mount and protector - and is very brave in battle. Tipit has a saddle, saddlebags, modified bridal, and leather barding (armor for a mount). Tipit is solid charcoal grey.

Tipit is also a friend of Milo's.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

A sketch of a Lightfoot Hin from WotC.