Character Details - Gweneth Granville

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Gweneth Granville

Age 25

Blonde hair

Blue eyes

Stands about 5’5”




Gweneth appearance is not striking except for her eyes.  They are ice blue and seemed to be able to stare right through a person if she looks at them very long. She is of medium build, not a model type, yet well built and men do have a tendency to look twice.

She has dated some, but just hasn’t found the right man, or maybe he hasn’t found her.

Gweneth’s personality is that of a shy person.  She never pushes her way into any conversation but when spoken to will give you her opinion in a quiet but firm way.  Her family never appeared to be wealthy, in fact they were considered middle class.  She was unware that she was adopted until the attorney showed her the papers and explained how her grandfather had tracked her down through many years of research.

She is the last of the and only direct decendent of the Granvilles.  A family that was at one time the wealthiest in the vicinity of where they lived.  For years the title of Lord was passed down to the first son of each generation till finally it seemed to skip the annals of history written about her family.

She had never been to Crackington Haven until the attorney called her at work one day  and asked to meet with her.  He told of the Manor and the lands and that it was hers along with the debts.  She had heard the stories over the years.  The stories of the how the Lords would always bring their ladies their…marrying some and others finding permanent residence in one of the wings of the Black Rose Manor.

Now she finds herself opening a Bed & Breakfast in order to save her inheritance.

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