Character Details - Aaron de Cadiz

Written by GhetsuhmCreated : 16-Jan-2005 6:14:39 pm
Last Edited : 28-Jun-2007 10:06:16 pm

Name: Aaron de Cadiz

Race: Human

Age: 23

Height: 5'6"/170cm

Build: 70kg/155lbs Small and hard-muscled

Hair: Black, thick, curly

Eyes: Black

Complexion: Dark Arabic

Aaron is the son of a Moorish woman and a knight from Britanny. For his race, he is unsually short, only 5'6", and kind of sensitive about it. His hair is thick, curling black, his skin swarthy and sun-leathered, his eyes black. His body is hard-muscled, quick and lithe, which compensates for his small size.

He fights with a short-sword, and also daggers. He's an excellent knife man and specialises in knifing people in the dark, from behind. He has a number of bard skills, too: he's good at disguises, an excellent tumbler, and can make a coin telling stories if he needs to. He's a convincing liar, utterly sincere whether protesting his innocence or swearing his undying devotion.

While he can appear engaging if he needs to, Aaron is very much a loner, suspicious of other people's motives and detached from society. He looks after his own interests first. And usually last as well.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Mark Ryan