Character Details - Carrick Alcarin

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Name: Carrick Alcarin

Race:  Taurësúlë and Navemi and Ali-Maera and Elen

Age: 22 (as of Blood Moon Rising)

Height: 6'3" and growing

Build/Weight: Gangly, shows signs of being muscular

Hair: Dark brown, almost black, hints of copper

Eyes: deep green

Complexion: Copper skinned

Identifying marks: None

Clothing: Whatever is comfortable

Personality: Mischevious, playful, means well, always trying to help those he loves

Skills and abilities:  Carrick hasn't really grown into his abilities yet, but he's showing some promise as a thief.

Weapons used:  Carrick is most comfortable with a sword, though he hasn't quite grown into the kind he really wants yet.


Carrick is the son of Conlan Alcarin and Kaylee Raven Alcarin. He's a fiesty young elf who means well in all he does. Carrick's favorite hobby is irritating his older sister, Cassey, and being irritated by his younger sister Kiana. He's a very happy person, with no idea of his own abilities as of yet. He also enjoys running around with the Silverleaf triplets, and terrorizing the forest elves of Gala Nodel.

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Scott Wolfe