Character Details - Erik Ravensteel

Written by P. M.Created : 15-Jan-2005 6:26:36 pm
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Erik Ravensteel

7'3" tall
320 pounds
flowing black windswept hair
Dark grey eyes
Apparent age: 30
dark tan skin, with countless tatoos in ancient forgotten languages
With large, black feathered wings
Carries favored weapon of flamberge greatsword that bursts into flame when weilded against evil opponents

Erik's clothing flows to form into clothing of the time and culture he is in at the moment; usually black or dark colors. If he needs armor, it becomes armor; if he needs a bathing suit, it becomes a bathing suit. If the culture doesn't wear clothing, it becomes a tatoo, one among many recording his origins and history on his body.

Erik regenerates rapidly, and can take a great deal of damage before becoming injured.

Erik can and does fly. His wings can fold and become hidden by his clothing at need; or they can retract into tatoos on his back.

Somewhere on his body, there is always a silver band that glows under certain conditions: in the presence of true evil, and in the presence of true good. If he is in the presence of any powerful force for good or evil, the band also humms or chimes.

Erik loves life, and enjoys being among the various peoples. He doesn't push any particular ideology or faith on anyone, preferring to simply observe life and step in to protect those innocents who are too weak to stand up for themselves.

He has a beautiful singing voice, creates poetry in his spare time, and appreciates beauty in all its forms.

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