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Diesa Stoneheart dwarfmaiden
Let us start by saying that the clan one is born into does not always form their life. Diesa is not stone hearted. In fact she is very soft hearted.

Diesa is a young adult female dwarf having reached adult hood just five years ago and is out to see the world beyond the mines and mountains of home. She is a gemcutter by craft and fairly good at telling the value and quality of gemstones. She is also a healer. She takes life and its preservation very seriously.

"You can't make more if you're dead" is a favored saying of one of the deities she worships. However the other deity she worships says enjoy everything you do even if it's hacking enemies to death.

Diesa won't start a fight but she will end it.

She is four feet tall with black hair in braids. She is a typical dwarf so her beard braided too. � Her eyes are a deep green and she is fond of greens and blues in her dress. She usually had a double-bladed axe strapped across her shoulder when traveling and rides a war pony named Fipya.

The difference between an acquaintance and a friend is about 100 years. That is a dwarven proverb. Diesa has only been alive fifty-five so she has few friends. But unlike most dwarves, she has a lively sense of humor.

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