Character Details - Tarna

Written by TarnaCreated : 15-Jan-2005 12:21:48 pm
Last Edited : 15-Jan-2005 2:08:13 pm

Tarna is a Fae, about 3 inches tall, with butterfly wings. Her hair and eyes are brown, though at her size you'd probably have to look really closely to be sure of her eye color.

She has limited magic abilities, mostly used to make her voice loud enough so larger people can hear her. She can also open human sized doors with magic if there are no larger people around to open them for her.

In her travels, she has learned one spell she is able to cast, which protects her wings from getting damaged, which also acts as a waterproofing shield to keep her wings from being ruined if she goes swimming.

She is still rather young, and will likely learn other useful spells as she needs them.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jewel Staite