Character Details - Brianna Tel'Quessir Corinth

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Name: Brianna Tel'Quessir Corinth

Age: 1001 (as of Bloodmoon Rising)

Apparent Age: Mid to early 20's

Height: 5'4"

Build/Weight: Slender

Hair: Golden Blonde, long and slightly curly most of the time

Eyes: Blue, same shade as the Ingraleis sky

Complexion: fair

Identifying marks: Tel'Quessir mark on right shoulder

Clothing: Loose trousers and a fitted t-shirt

Personal items usually carried: pike, dagger

Occupation: Dowager Princess, Diplomat

Personality: Bria also is a bit of a mother hen, viewing it as her job to protect her family whenever she can.  She is usually a calm soul, but when she gets angry or feels there is an injustice, she is relentless until the situation is resolved.

Skills and Abilities: Brianna has a natural magic that works well with the land, particularly plants and flowers.  This is strongest on Ingraleis, but it works outside of her home as well.  If she is away from Ingraleis for too long, and we're talking millennia, she may start to lose her magic.  She also had a gift for teleportation and telepathy, with some empath skills through her bond to Jason.   Since the breaking of that bond, she's retained only minor empath skills and telepathy with immediate family only.

Weapons used: Daggers, Pike

History:  Brianna is one of twin princesses of Ingraleis, spirited away by her father and raised by Mystical Bellator until the day she found her way back to Ingraleis.  There she joined her twin, Kaelan, as they fought to overthrow their mother.  The sisters shared the throne, with Kaelan taking most of the duties, until the eldest girl among their children would be old enough to take the throne.

Brianna found love at first sight with Jason Mars Corinth, son of Helen and James.  The two bonded at a Yule Ball, with the help of a gift from Helen in the form of Nightstar's amulet.  The shadow of the silvery necklace can be seen on both of them.  That bond mixed their powers and their souls, turning Jason from human to half-elven, and binding their lifelines together.  It also gave them access to each other's powers and thoughts.  They were wed soon after, the first wedding Ingraleis had seen since the twins' parents.

Their bond was broken after Jason returned to Haven, with most of the rest of his family, intent on finding his sister.  Brianna nearly died, and was only saved by the intervention, unknown to her, of Natiel, guardian of the Tel'Quessir family.

Their divorce was finalized during Return of the Queen, though Brianna continues to use her married name at times.

Bria can often be found in the company of Brice Goldsong.

Marital Status: Divorced from Jason Mars Corinth

Children: Helena Chloe Corinth D'Riel, Rhyan Corinth, Jamilyn (Jemmie) Corinth

Grandchildren: Jaythall  Corinth Moragoth

Blood or Soul Bond: None current


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