Character Details - Shane Xeron

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Name: Shanell Xeron

Age: 32

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Light Brown

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 200lbs

Race: Human

Home Planet: Terra ~ Earth

Appearence: Shane has never been what one would call a small female. She has always been overweight for her size, but she carries this very well so often no one would guess her to be as heavy as she is. Long brown hair is usually worn loose though when she writes she will put it up on a bun or pony tail to keep it out of her face. Being like most modern females Shane is extremely well groomed and prefers to wear blue jeans and t-shirst which express one of her many oppinions. Coffee has replaced the blood in this writer's veins so it is extremely unusual to find her without a cup in her hands. It is also unusual to find her her anything more than sandles on her feet as she hates anything covering them.

Demeanor: Somewhat serious minded Shane also knows when to let her hair down as long as there is no chance of anyone getting hurt. She is of an extremely caustious yet curious nature. Also, her mouth usually gets her in quite a bit of trouble as she tends to be sarcastic when feeling confused, out of place, threatened, or in a situation beyond her control. However, there is also a very maternal side to Shane.

More often then not she is looked upon as the 'mother' figure among her group of friends. She always seems to know things before she is told having a very developed intuition. Giving and helpful to a fault Shane would never leave someone to fend for themselves even is she knew that person would not do the same for her. It has been said that one day this would get her into huge amounts of trouble if her mouth didn't do it first.

Abilities: Being raised in cities Shane doesn't have many if any skills that would help her in the wilderness. However, she possesses a great amount of life expierence and all the wisdome that comes along with that. She also has an uncanny ability to be able to read people and see the whole picture before breaking it down into smaller pieces. On more than one occassion this has saved her bacon or kept her from making some very nasty mistakes.

As a young teenager Shane read, memorized, and learned several of the fantasy languages found in AD&D manuals, novels, etc. The one language she has managed to speak is Drow. However, she can read several and has been known to curse in Cheysuli.

History: Shane grew up in a small town in the midwestern United states the daughter of an office manager and lawn care specialist. Finding that the dull small town living scene just wasn't for her she moved to the Big Apple a few years after high school to follow her dream of being a big time writer. However, the only thing Shane has accomplished thus far is discovering that city men are just as horrible as small town ones and writing an advice column for an unbelievibly small newspaper called The Flyer.

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