Character Details - ~Brianne

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Name: Brianne de Valois

Age: unknown - When asked, she simply says "A lady never tells"

Race: Vampire

Apparent age: 16 - Age when she was embraced

Height: 5'4"

Build: slender but curvy

Hair: Ashy blonde curls, usually worn long

Eyes: Green

Complexion: Preternatural white

Identifying marks: None

Clothing: Depends on her mood

Occupation: Chanteuse

History:  Born Catherine Marie Elisabeth Minuette de Valois, she was a minor princess and lady in waiting to Catherine de Medici when the latter came to France to wed Henri, the Dauphin. Mortal beauty was her downfall, forced to choose between the king's bed or an arranged marriage that would leave her in much the same place, she opted to run away. She ran from the palace in secret, taking only that which she could carry. She was found by an ancient, who made her his own. Together, the two faked her death, throwing the body of a poor blonde peasant girl into the Seine river.
Her days were spent as she pleased, dabbling in painting and sculpture, but mostly spent on her true passion, music. She chose a new name, a Gaelic name meaning strength, Brianne.. It was the start of her new life, one of confidence and ruled by her own desires. She has continued to live her life this way, having no desire to move through the political ranks of the Kindred, she is content with her lot in life. She sings when she pleases, always to an appreciative audience. She surrounds herself with luxury, satins, silks, velvets and even furs.
Personality wise, she is a contradiction. Only sixteen when she was embraced, she looks the part of the eternal adolscent, innocence and worldliness combined in a frozen instant. She has very high standards, in the company she keeps, the bloodwine she drinks (She rarely takes from the vein) and in every aspect of her life. She despises dealing with lackeys, so if any have business with her, they are better off to come themselves, for she will not deal with underlings. She considers it an insult.
She's also a bit of a snob, particularly towards those she considers beneath her, though she deals with them when necessary.
When her passion is aroused, she slips into a combination of French and English, her normally soft accent becoming extraordinarily pronounced. It takes a great deal to see this anymore, as she has become rather jaded towards life, but still, she sees the beauty around her.

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