Character Details - Isis

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Isis is one of the Torem, the wife of dead Osiris and the mother of Horus, sister to Osiris, Set and Nepththys.

Isis is the Torem associated with magic, healing, and women in their aspect of lovers and healers, not mothers. She needs these things to exist in a world so she can feed off their energy: the more prevalent they are, the stronger she is.

Like the other Torem in Apocalypse, she has been in stasis, sleeping, for an unimaginably long time. She was slightly unhinged when she went in, after her brother murdered her husband. Her purpose on waking is to bring back Osiris, and this goal consumes her, and yet... she has been without him for a very long time. Her memories of him are dry and dusty. Her anger at Set, too, is ages old and tiring to maintain. It is possible she could be swayed from her course by simple life: energy and passion that's real and tangible.

At her heart she knows balance is necessary. Male and female, life and death, order and chaos. Her greatest fear is that the world of Nocturne and its chaos will throw the balance out and make Set so powerful that Osiris can never be restored. She seeks to weaken Set not for personal gain, but simply to ensure balance is preserved. She has no enmity for her sister Nepththys who bore Osiris a child. In personality, she is mostly gentle but implaccable, imploring rather than aggressive, but there is also a deep streak of energy and liveliness in her, joy in being alive again.

Her normal appearance is that of a stunningly beautiful woman with dark skin and hair and deep black eyes, tall and slender. She can also take the form of a kite, a small bird of prey, or a were-form in which she has the head and wings of the bird and the body of the woman. In both these latter forms she can fly.

Isis is a powerful 'magician', the scientist of the Torem, along with her son Horus. She understands more about the energies they use and how to manipulate them through ritual. It's while working in this area that she's at her most solemn and soulful.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Elisabetta Canalis
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